A vintage or antique tin, a can, a bottle, or other advertising memorabilia, can commemorate a special event or make    a great gift  for someone special in your life.  Maybe, Baltimore, MD, Georgetown, CO, Waterloo, Boston, Concord, Springfield, St Paul or Mankato mean something special to you. We have man souvenir items for sale The Antique Advertising Association of Americais a  club for collectors of everything associated with advertising.  How many different souvenirs were made with the name of your town or city engraved or stamped on them? Collecting this type of memorabilia can be a very interesting hobby.

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Vintage Farmfest 7 UP Commemorative Bottle 1976
Vintage Sioux City Sarsaparilla tin Can 1977
Vintage glass toilet seat souvenir Jones Metal
7 UP Commemorative Bottle, 
America Bicentennial and Farmfest, Lake Crystal, MN 
Circa: Sept 13-19, 1976
Excellent Condition, lettering is bright, not faded
Price:  $10.00

Sioux City Sarsaparilla Can: 
Unopened, no liquid 


Clear Glass toilet seat, souvenir:  The Jones Metal Products Co, West Lafayette, Ohio, on the bottom it says: Relax in raised letters   
Size:  3 1/2 inches long, 3 inches wide
Circa: About 1930
MFG:  Unknown Glass Novelty Company
Excellent Condition

Vintage metal Niceskises Licorice Tin
Vintage metal Niceskises French Bonbon Tin
Antique Glass paperweight Busy Alley Union Stockyard Chicago
Niceskises, Licorice Reglisse, French Licorice Drops Tin, nice lithograph colors 
Size: 3 inch diameter
Circa:  About 1940
MFG: La Vosgienne, France
Excellent Condition, some tape left on edge, design more red than orange
Price: $10.00
Niceskises, French Assorted Bonbon Candies Tin,
nice lithograph colors 
Size:  3 inch diameter
Circa: 1930
MFG: La Vosgienne, France
Excellent Condition
Price: $10.00

Antique Glass Paperweight: Souvenir Busy Alley, Union Stock Yards, Chicago, Illinois, 
hand colored buildings
 4 1/8 inches long, 2 3/4 inches wide
Circa: About 1910
Company:  Unknown Glass Company
Excellent Condition
Antique glass olive oil bottle Bartlet Druggest Lake Crystal Minnesota
Antique glass Drug Store Bottle John C Thro Mankato
Vintage Farmfest Dr Pepper Commemorative Bottle 1976
Olive Oil Bottle  
Name: E W Bartlett, Druggest
Lake Crystal, Minn (printed in the glass) On paper label: PURE Olive OIL  M Wm  Deulsch,  Druggest, Lake Crystal, Minn: oil is still in the bottle
Size: 4 inches Tall
Circa: 1900
Excellent Condition
Drug Store Bottle,
clear glass, blue colored water to show name,  Name:  John C Thro, Deutsche  Apotheke, Mankato, Minn
Size:4 1/4 inches Tall
Circa 1900
Excellent Condition:  slight staining inside bottle
Price: $12.00  

Dr Pepper Commemorative Bottle, 
America's Bicentennial and Farmfest, Lake Crystal, MN
 Sept 13-19, 1976
Excellent Condition, lettering is bright, not faded
Price:  $10.00

Vintage Mother Hubbard Pancake Flour container for Centennial Celebration
Antique Benson Candy Tin container Queen Mary
Antique Natures Remedy metal container
Mother Hubbard Pancake Flour, 8 OZ Weight  Hubbard Milling Company, 
Souvenir Name made for Mankato,  Minnesota Centennial Celebration,
nice bright colors, recipe on the side
Size:  3 inches by 2 inches, 4 inches tall
Circa: 1956
Excellent Condition
Price:  $25.00

Benson Candy Container, tin 
with picture of the Queen Mary, 16 OZ with wrappers, nice lithograph colors
 8 inches long,  5 inches wide
Circa: 1930
MFG: Bensons Confectionery LTD, Bury, 
Lancashire, England
Good Condition, nice paint, some tape fragments around closure
Price:  $25.00
Natures Remedy, tin box. bright colors, vegetable laxative for conditions associated with constipation biliousness; Active ingredients: Aloes, Cascara,
Frangula, Burdock, Dandelion, Mandrake,
Rhubarb, Prickly ash Bark, Juniper berries
Size: 1 7/8 inches high, 1 inch wide, 2 inches length
MFG: Lewis Howe Company, St Louis, M0
Good Condition: rust on bottom
Price:  $10.00