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Pop-up books, cloth books, Grimm's Fairy Tales, Peter Rabbit Books and moreReuzeit Emporium has many children's books for you to choose from.  Revisit the books of your childhood, your parent's or even your grandparent's childhood. "You may have tangible wealth untold.  Caskets of jewels and coffers of gold.  Richer than I you can never be –  I had a mother who read to me."
                                                                                                                                  — Strickland Gillilan     
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1988 The Night Before Christmas Pop Up Book
1989 Christmas Time at Santa Workshop Pop Up Book
1987 A Visit to the Haunted House Pop Up Book
Title: The Night Before Christmas, tape and coloring book, a
ll original, beautiful book, hardcover with tie closure 
Copyright: 1988
Publisher:  Hallmark Cards
Excellent Condition: NEW old stock
Price:  $65.00
Christmas Time at Santa's Workshop, pop-up, hardcover shiny like new cover
Copyright:  no date
Publish: Hallmark Cards Printed in Singapore
Excellent Condition: no damage
Price: $35.00

A Visit to The Haunted House, pop-up, hardcover 
shiny like new cover
Copyright:  no date
Publish: Hallmark Children's Editions
Very Good Condition: no damage
Price: $15.00

2001 Harry Potter Hogwarts School Pop Up Book
1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pop Up Storybook
Harry Potter and Sorcerers Stone Pop Up Book first edition
Harry Potter Hogwarts School, A Magical 3-D Carousel 
pop-up book, Willabel Tong, Joe Vaux
Copyright:  2001
Publish:  Scholastic Inc. First Scholastic printing
Excellent Condition; New old stock
Price: $40.00
Title:  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pop Up Book. hard cover, 
shiny like new cover
Publisher:  Mirage Studios
Very Good Condition: wheel has tape on edge
Price:  $22.00
Title: Harry Potter and Sorcerer's Stone, A Deluxe Pop-Up Book
Jill Daniels, Rodger Smith
Copyright: 2001
Publish: Scholastic Inc.
Excellent Condition: NEW old stock
Price:  $35.00

1995 Jack and the Beanstalk Pop up Book
1983 Tiny Tuffy Books Whats Opposite and Who Am I Pop Up Books
1986 Benjamin Bunny and Peter Rabbit Pop Up Books
Title:  Jack and the Beanstalk, pop-up
Copyright: 1995
Publish: Landoll Apple Logo  
Excellent Condition:  NEW old stock
Price: $15.00

Title:  What's Opposite?
pull down flap, heavy paper board
Title:  Who Am I?  pull down flap to view answer
Copyright: 1983
Publisher:  A Tiny Tuffy Book
Condition:  very good condition, tape on 1 page
Price:  $10.00
Title:  Benjamin Bunny Visits Peter Rabbit 
Meet Peter Rabbit, pop-up books, 2 books
Copyright: 1986
Publish:  Allan Publishers
Excellent Condition
Price: $10.00

1984 My First Pop Up Book of Together
Dinosaurs Pop Up Book
1984 My First Pop Up Book of Opposites Pop Up Book
Title: My First Pop Up Book of Togethers,
each page has a pull down or pop up
Author:  Graham Brown,  Michael Wells
Copyright: 1984
Publisher:  Marboro Books
Condition:  near new condition
Price:  $9.00
Title: ABC Dinosaurs
 and other prehistoric creatures, pop-up
Author: Jan Pienkowski
Copyright: 1993
Publisher: Penguin Books
Excellent Condition: pop-ups in great condition
Price: $12.00
Title:  My First Pop Up Book of Opposites,
each page has a pull down or pop up to show the opposite
Publisher:  Marboro Books
Condition: very good condition, 1 tiny tear
Price:  $8.00

1993 Ghosts Pop Up Book
The Jolly Jump Ups and their New House Pop Up Book
1982 Whats On Wheels Pop Up Book, A Little Learner Book
Title: Ghosts A Scary Pop up Book,
glossy cover with sturdy construction for the pop ups
Size: 4.25 inches by 4.25 inches
Copyright: 1993
Publisher:  The Readers Digest Association
Condition:  New Condition
Price:  $9.00
Title: The Jolly Jump-Ups and their New House
Geraldine Clun
Copyright: 1947
Publisher:  McLoughlin Bros
Condition: torn pop-ups but are mostly there, tape
Price:  $30.00

Title:  What's on Wheels? 
matte finish, heavy
 paper construction
Copyright: 1982
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Condition:  very good condition, excellent pop ups
Price:  $8.00

Vintage Children Books, A Ladybird Natural History Book
Vintage Children Books, A Ladybird Natural History Book
1960 The Ugly Duckling, Hans Christian Anderson Children Book
Title: How to Draw Cool Cars Book
, heavy paper construction, nice illustrations, hardcover
Illustrated By: Georgene Griffin and Jael
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: Kidsbooks LLC
Excellent Condition: clean white pages, bright colors, new condition
Price: $15.00

Title: 4 books, heavy paper construction, nice illustrations, clean pages, bright colors
A Ladybird Natural History Book:
    Plants and How They Grow, Series 651
    The Story of Our Rocks and Minerals, 536
    The Seashore and Seashore Life, 536
    Pond Life, 536
F E Newing, Allen White, Nancy Scott
Copyright: 1966,1964,
Publisher: Wills and Hepworth LTD, England
Excellent Condition:  like new
Price: $38.00 for 4
Title: The Ugly Duckling, 
big book, heavy paper
construction, nice illustrations
Hans Christian Anderson
Copyright: 1960
Publisher: Saalfield, Artcraft
Excellent Condition: clean white pages, bright
colors, like new 
Price:  $10.00

Vintage 1957 Teddy Children Book, Saalfield Artcraft
Vintage 1945 Little Red Riding Hood Children Book
Vintage 1951 Three Little Pigs Children Book
Title: Teddy,
a big book, heavy paper construction, nice illustrations
Author: unknown
Copyright: About 1957
Publisher: Saalfield, Artcraft 
Excellent Condition: clean white pages, bright colors, new 
Price: $10.00
Title: Little Red Riding Hood, linen, big size
Size:  12 1/2 inches by 9 inches
Author: Doris Stolberg
Copyright: 1945
Publisher: Whitman Publishing Company
Good Condition
Price:  $15.00

Title: The Three Little Pigs, linen, big book
Size:  12 1/2 inches by 9 inches
Author: Unknown
Copyright: 1951
Publisher: Whitman Publishing Company
Very Good Condition
Price:  $15.00

Vintage 1951 Three Little Kittens Children Book
Vintage 1947 Fuzzy Wuzzy Kitten Children Book
Vintage 1946 Kitty Cat, A kitten who looked at a King Children Book
Title: Three Little Kittens,
 spiral binding, heavy board, lovely illustrations 
Copyright: 1951
Publisher: Saalfield Publishing
Condition: edge wear, loose pages, clean bright pages
Price: $12.00

Title: Fuzzy Wuzzy Kitten,
tactile kitten with lovely story
Author: Unknown
Copyright: 1947
Publisher: Whitman
Good Condition: staple missing,worn edges, clean bright pages
Price:  $12.00

Title: Kitty-Cat, A kitten who looked at a King, a
big sized book
Author: Roselle Ross
Copyright: 1946, first edition
Publisher: Maxton
Condition: clean pages, 2 spots,
1 loose page, edge wear, ear crease, insert missing 
Price: $20.00

1949 Mary Jones First Religious Books For children
Vintage 1965 My First Books, Checkerboard Press
Vintage 1965 My First Books Checkerboard Press
First Religious Books, nice books with a loving message. Total of 8 books
By: Dr. Mary Alice Jones
Copyright: 1949
Publish: Checkerboard Press
Excellent Condition: NEW Old stock
Price: $20.00
Little Elephant, Mrs. Duck's Lovely Day, Farm Pets, Baby Animals, Seasons
Total of 5 books
Copyright: 1959
Publish: Checkerboard Press
Excellent Condition: NEW old stock
Price: $15.00

My First Book of Poems, of Jokes, Bedtime Book: Little Toy Train, and  Benjie Engie,Total of 5 books
Copyright: 1965
Publish: Checkerboard Press
Excellent Condition: NEW old stock
Price: $15.00

Vintage Soft cover Baby Books, The Cow Says Moo
Vintage 1965 Aesops Fables Books
1955 Mary Alden Cook Book for children and Betty Crocker Junior Baking Book
The Cow Says Moo, Baby Animals, Baby's Mother Goose, Kittens: A Peggy Cloth Book (4 cloth books) Noah's Ark (plastic)
and more, 7 books total 
Copyright: 1979
Publisher: Platt and Munk
Very Good Condition

Price: $12.00
Aesop's Fables and Still More Aesop's Fables
Total of 
2 books, shiny surface covers
Copyright: 1965
Publish: Ideals Publishing Company
Excellent Condition
Price: $25.00

Mary Alden's Cook Book For Children, 64 pages; 
Betty Crocker Junior Baking Book and
Mary Ellens Best of Helpful Kitchen Hints
Copyright: 1955
Publish: Wonder Books Incroprated 
Excellent Condition: 1 inch tear on back edge
Price: $12.50