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                                                             Go back to a simpler time and enjoy stories from the past.

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Vintage 1944 Wizard of Oz Children Book, Frank Baum
Vintage 1960 Eight for a Secret Children Book, Barbara Willard
Vintage 1966 Eddie The Dog Holder Children Book
Title: The Wizard of OZ, hardcover
L Frank Baum
Copyright: 1944
Publish: Bobbs-Merrill
Condition: crayon on inside cover
Price: $10.00

Title: Eight for a Secret,
Barbara Willard
Copyright:  1960
Publisher: Franklin Watts Incorporated
Condition: ink block inside cover and back cover, library book
Price:  $15.00
Title: Eddie The Dog Holder
Carolyn Haywood
Copyright: 1966
Publish: Weekly Reader
Condition: Excellent
Price:  $10.00

Vintage 1950 Bobbsey Twins Merry Days Children Book
Vintage 1947 Bobbsey Twins in Mexico Children Book
Vintage 1950 Bobbsey Twins in the Country Children Book
Title: The Bobbsey Twins Merry Days Indoors and Out,
hardcover with dust jacket
Laura Lee Hope
Copyright: 1950
Publish: Whitman Company
Excellent Condition: torn dust jacket
Price:  $10.00
Title: The Bobbsey Twins in Mexico,
Laura Lee Hope
Copyright:  1947
Publish: Grosset and Dunlap
Excellent Condition: no dust jacket
Price:  $10.00

Title: The Bobbsey Twins in the Country,
Laura Lee Hope
Copyright: 1950
Publish: Whitman Company
Condition: torn dust jacket
Price:  $15.00
Vintage 1946 Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass Children Book
Vintage 1966 On We Go School Learning to Read Children Book
1898 Grims Fairy Tales and other Wonderful Stories Children Book
Title: Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, h
ardcover, nice graphics
Lewis Carroll
Copyright: 1946
Publish: Grosset and Dunlap
Excellent Condition
Price:  $18.00

Title: On We Go,
 learning to read school book,
P McKee, L Harrison
Copyright: 1966
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
Very Good Condition: stamp on inside, discard Cloquet Schools
Price:  $20.00
rimm's Fairy Tales and Other Wonderful Stories, Illustrated, hardcover
Copyright: 1898
Publish: Juvenile Publishing 
Excellent Condition:  nice colored pictures, wear on edges, great shape for being over 100 years old
Price: $25.00

Vintage 1961 Mrs Coverlets Magician Children Book, Mary Nash
Vintage Best in Childrens Books
Vintage 1956 The New More Friends and Neighbors School Learning to Read Children Book
Title: Mrs. Coverlet's Magicians,
Mary Nash
Copyright: 1961
Publisher: Little, Brown Company
Condition: cover worn, ink block inside and back cover, library book
Price:   $15.00

Best in Children's Books,
2 books, hardcovers with dust jackets
variety of prominent authors: Dickens, Moore, Paull 
Copyright: 1957
Publisher: Nelson Doubleday
Excellent Condition: with dust jackets that have tears
Price:  $20.00
Title: The New More Friends and Neighbors,
school book to learn how to read, hardcover
Gray, Monroe, Artley
Copyright: 1956
Publish: Scott, Foresman Company
Condition: Good
Price:  $12.00

Vintage 1923 Robin Hood Children Book
Vintage 1931 New Friends Children Book, Lewis Rowland
Vintage 1963 Freddy and the Dragon Children Book
Title: Robin Hood
Edwin Prittie
Copyright:  1923
Publisher:  John Winston
Condition: some staining, worn cover, nice pictures
Price:  $12.00

Title: New Friends
Lewis, Rowland, Gehres
Copyright: 1931
Publish: John Winston Company
Condition: worn, small tears
Price: $7.00

Title: Freddy and the Dragon, hardcover
Author: Walter R Brooks
Publish: Alfred Knopf
Condition: markers inside cover, school library book
Price: $30.00

Vintage 1930 One Hundred Best Poems Children Book
Vintage 1980 Nursery Songs for  Children Book, Joseph Morrat
1898 Story of the Thirteen Colonies Children Book, H A Gueber
Title: One Hundred Best Poems for Boys and Girls,
Marjorie Barrows
Copyright: 1930
Publisher: Whitman Publishing
Condition: worn cover, spline loose, damage
Price:  $12.00
Title:  Nursery Songs,
Joseph Moorat
Copyright:  1980
Publisher: Metropolitan Museum of Art and Thames and Husdon
Condition:  Excellent
Price:  $12.00
Title: Story of the Thirteen Colonies
H A Guerber
Copyright: 1898
Publish: American Book Company
Condition: excellent inside, cover worn
Price:  $25.00

1937 The Adventures of Pinocchio Vintage book
1900 Little Sister Snow first edition Book
1924 Heidi Vintage hardcover Book
Title: The Adventures of Pinocchio, brown cloth
cover, 250 pages, 8 color plates many black and white pictures, nice clean book

Author:  Carlo Collodi, translated from Italian
Copyright:  1937
Publisher:  John Winston Company
Excellent Condition 
Price: $35.00
Title: Little Sister Snow, 142 pages, 12 color Japanese illustrations, first edition, story of a yong girls struggle to accept her arranged marriage
Author:  Frances Little
Copyright:  1909
Publisher:  The Century Company
Excellent Condition
Price: $20.00
Title: Heidi, hard green cloth cover, nice color plates, nice clean book
Author:  Johanna Spyri
Copyright:  1924
Publisher:  John Winston Company
Excellent Condition: tight binding, faded back and spline
Price:  $15.00
The First Book of Gardening Book
1955 Donkey Detectives Vintage Book
1951 Stories to Remember School Book
Title:  The First Book of Gardening, beautiful
black and white and colored pictures
Author:  Virginia Kirkus
Copyright:  1956
Publisher:  Franklin Watts
Condition: like new school library book with
library stamps and pocket
Price: $10.00
Title:  Donkey Detective, nice illustrations
Author:  Lavinia R Davis
Copyright:  1955
Publisher:  Doubleday and Company
Condition:  library stamps and library pocket some staining, tight clean pages
Price:  $10.00

Title:  Stories to Remember, basic school reader, nice colored pictures
Author:  Guy Bond, Marie Cuddy
Copyright:  1951
Publisher:  Lyons and Carnahan
Condition:  very good, tight, clean, library book sticker with rules for borrowers
Price:  $10.00
1954 Finding New Neighbors Basic School Reader Book
1951 The Painted Arrow Vintage Book
1954 Corn Farm Boy by Lois Lenski
Title: Finding New Neighbors, basic school reader, nice colored pictures 319 pages 
Author:  David Russell, Gretchen Wulfing, Odille Ousley
Copyright: 1954
Publisher:  Ginn and Company
Condition: 1 ripped page, school identification
worn edges, clean, tight binding, marker on cover
Price: $20.00
Title:  The Painted Arrow, nice illustrations
Author:  Frances Gaither
Copyright:  1951
Publisher:  The Macmillan Company
Condition: very good, library book with library stamp marks, clean, tight binding
Price:  $25.00

Title:  Corn Farm Boy, lovely black and white
Author:  Lois Lenski
Copyright:  1954
Publisher:  J B Lippincott Company
Condition: very good, library book with library stamp marks, clean, tight binding
Price: $50.00

1917 A Tale of the Neutral Ground by James Fenimore Cooper
2001 The Twelve Blessings of Christmas Book
1952 Treasures in The Covered Wagon, Vera Graham
Title:  The Spy A Tale of the Neutral Ground, lovely black and white illustrations
Author:  James Fenimore Cooper
Copyright:  1917
Publisher: Ginn and Company
Condition: very good, slight edge wear, inscription on inside
Price:  $35.00
Title:  The Twelve Blessings of Christmas with angel charm bookmark, hardcover
Author:  T J Mills
Copyright:  2001
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson Incorporated
Condition:  like new, inscription on the inside
Price:  $10.00

Title:  Treasures in The Covered Wagon, hardcover, nice drawings
Author:  Vera Graham
Copyright:  1952
Publisher: Lippincott Company
Condition:  clean tight library book, library stamps and pocket
Price:  $12.00

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