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Children's Educational Information on the Civil and Revolutionary Wars, Animal, Plant and  Marine biology, Indian Tribes, The Stars and Planets, Oceanography, and even Grammar, Reuzeit Emporium carries a wide selection of educational books on many different subjects.

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Children s American Revolution Books
Childrens American Civil War Books
Childrens Plants and Animals Books
The American Revolution
, 1963, like new
Household Tools and Tasks
1992, new
The Story of The Declaration of Independence, 1968, like new
The Story of the Liberty Bell, 1965, like new
Price: $10.00
The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln, 
1965, new
American Heritage, The Civil War, Mar 1990, new
The Battle of Antietam, 1962, new
Price: $10.00

Marine Biology: Book VI, 
new with answer key
Plants: Book I, 1980, new with answer key
Animals: Book III, 1980, new with answer key
Price: $9.00

Childrens World War I and Prohibition Books
Childrens American Civil War Generals Books,Eastern Acorn Press
Childrens American Indians Native American Books
Prohibition, The 18th Amendment,   
1986, new
The First World War, 1964, like new
Price: $8.00 for both

U. S. Grant, 
1972, new,
Fort Sumter 1861, 1976, new
Robert E Lee, 1983, new
name written on back covers
Price:  $9.00 for all

North American Indian Designs   Coloring Book, 1971, new, writing on cover
Southwestern Indian Tribes, 1992, new
Woolaroc Museum, 1965, like new
$10.00  for all

Childrens Stars and Planets and Constellations Books
Childrens Math and Comprehension Books
Childrens Sea Life, Oceanography, Flowers and the Human Body Books
Find the Constellations, 1976, loose pages, writing
Astronomy, 1974, name on inside
Stars and Planets,1973, stain
Stars Are for Storytelling, 1973, like new
Price: $12.00 for all

Drill it Grammar Workbook and Answer Key 
1982, new
Problem Solving in Math, E   1982, new
Price: $8.00

Flowers, Trees and Gardening,   
1975marker number on cover
Seashells, 1976, marker number on cover
Oceanography, 1973, marker number on cover
The Human Body, 1961 ink inside front page
Weather, 1960, like new
Price: $10.00 for all

Childrens Castles of the World Coloring Book and Comprehension Books
Learn How to Type Books, Touch Typing
Tea Drinking in 18th Century Its Etiquette and Equipage
Castles of the World Coloring Book, 
1986, like new, marker on back cover
Throw Your Whole Self into Comprehension,  1977, like new
Price: $8.00 for both

Learn Touch Typewriting in 4 Hours, 
1945, like new
Smith Corona Ten Day Touch Typing Course, 1956, like new
Price:  $8.00 for both

Tea Drinking in 18th Century America, 
Very Good Condition
Price: $10.00

Email for an invoice at

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