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Santa decorations for Christmas in every shape and size and made out of tin, wood, pottery or 
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Vintage Green Porcelain Christmas Tree Plate
Vintage Pottery Christmas Tree Trays
Vintage Green Satin and Sequined Christmas Tree Boxes
Christmas Tree Plate, porcelain, painted 
Size:14 inches tall, 12 inches wide
Circa: About 1960
MFG: made in Italy
Excellent Condition
Price: $25.00

Christmas Dishes (3) 
Noel, ceramic (5 inches,  3 inches),
white tree, fine china (6 inches, 5 inches), 
green tree, ceramic, (8 inches, 7 inches) flea bites
Excellent Condition
Price: $15.00

Christmas Tree Boxes, green satin covered boxes with sequins
Size:  7 1/4 inches, 6  inches
smaller box: 6 inches, 4 1/4 inches
small one fits inside the larger box
Excellent Condition: sticker
mark on back, NEW
Price: $10.00 for 2

Vintage Green Pottery Christmas Tree Bell
Vintage Ceramic Santa Candle Lantern Figurine
Vintage Bubble Lights and light bulbs, 1941
Christmas Tree Bell, ceramic, has hole in the star
 so that it can be hung as an ornament
Size:.5 inches tall, 3 inch diameter
Circa: 1982
Excellent Condition: 
Price: $8.00

Santa Candle Lantern, 
ceramic, candle light shines through holes and looks like lights
Size:  5 1/2 inches tall, 5 inches wide
Circa: About 1990
MFG: Unknown Company
Excellent Condition
Price: $20.00

Bubble Lights (10), 2 strings 
with 19 bulbs,
 antique, if 1 bulb
go out the whole string goes out
Circa: 1940's
Excellent Condition: box torn
Price: $20.00

Vintage White 1941 Goebel Angels
Vintage Porcelain Holly Luster Christmas Plate
Vintage Porcelain Santa and Sleigh Trinket Box
Goebel Angels, white,1 standing
(4.5 inches tall), 2 kneeling                      ( 2.5  inches tall)
Circa: About 1941
MFG: Germany
Condition: little angel has glued wing 
Price: $15.00

Holly Christmas Plate, gold rim, luster
Size: 10 1/4 inch diameter 
Circa:  About 1950
MFG: no markings
Excellent Condition: 
Price: $15.00

Porcelain Santa and Sleigh Trinket Box
; with original box, ceramic
Size: 3.5 inches  tall, 3 inches long, 1.5  inches
MFG: Unknown
Excellent Condition: NEW
Price: $8.00

Vintage Drummer Boy Wind Chimes or Mobile
Vintage Teddy Bear Wind Chimes or Mobile
Vintage Santa Wind Chimes or Mobile
Little Drummer Boy Soldier Wind Chimes or Mobile, porcelain 
Size: 4 inches long, soldiers: 2.5 inches 1.75 inches
Circa: 1990's
MFG: Rus Berrie Co Inc.
Excellent Condition: new in box
Price:  $10.00
Bears Wind Chimes or mobile, porcelain
Size: 4 inches long, bears: 2.5 inches 1.75 inches
Circa: 1990's
MFG: Rus Berrie Co Inc.
Excellent Condition: new in box
Price: $10.00

Santa Wind Chimes or Mobile, porcelain
Size: 4 inches long, soldiers: 2.5 inches 1.75 inches
Circa: 1990's
MFG: Rus Berrie Co Inc.
Excellent Condition: new in box
Price: $10.00

Vintage Made in Russia Nesting Santa Dolls
Vintage Nesting Santa Dolls 4 pieces
Vintage nesting Santa Dolls 5 pieces
3 Piece Nesting Santa,
Size: 3.25 inches tall, 1" diameter
Circa: 1980's
MFG:  Made in Russia
Excellent Condition
Price: $8.00

4 Piece Nesting Santa,
original box, wood
Size: 4 inches tall, 2.5 inch diameter
Circa: 1990's
MFG:  Unknown
Excellent Condition
Price: $20.00

5 Piece Nesting Santa,
Size: 5.5 inches tall, 2 inch diameter
Circa: 1985
MFG:  Unknown
Excellent Condition
Price: $20.00

Vintage Snow globe Santa on a Horse
Vintage plastic Santa twinkle light covers
Vintage Santa Snow globe plays Santa Clause is Coming to Town
Santa on Horse Snow Globe, 
wood base
Size: 5.75 inches tall,  3.75 inch  diameter 
Circa: 1990's
MFG: Unknown
Condition; cloudy water
Price:  $10.00

Santa lights, plastic, (10 Santa covers) fit over twinkle lights
Excellent Condition
Price: $8.00

Santa Snow Globe Music Box,  
"Santa Clause is Coming to Town", wood base
Size: 5.5 inches tall, 3.5 inch  diameter
MFG: Dept 56
Excellent Condition: Paint on base is scratched, cloudy globe, 

Price:  $10.00
Vintage Ceramic Santa Cookie Jar
Vintage Porcelain Royal Doulton Santa Claus Head Figurine Mug
Vintage Satin and Sequined Santa Boxes
Santa Cookie Jar, head lifts off
Size: 11 inches tall, 8 inches wide
Circa: 1980"s
MFG: Unknown
Excellent Condition: 2 flea bits
Price: $20.00

Santa Claus Head Mug,  D6706  handmade and hand painted
Size: 2 3/4 inches tall, 2 inches wide
Circa:  1983
MFG: Royal Doulton, England
Excellent Condition 
Price: $35.00
Santa Boxes,sequins and satin construction,
Size: Large: 8 inches,  5 inches
Small:  7 inches, 4 inches, small one fits inside 
Excellent Condition: faint sticker mark on back, NEW
Price: $15.00

Vintage Large Ceramic Winking Santa Figurine
Vintage Pottery Santa Musical Toy Box with Dancing Santa
Vintage Wooden Santa layers of painted wood
Winking Santa, 
ceramic, hollow
Size: 9 inches, tall, 5 inches wide
MFG: Atlantic Molo
Excellent Condition
Price: $12.00
Santa Music Box with small rotating Santa on the lid, hollow inside for candies or prizes
Circa: 1990's
Excellent Condition: Santa rotates slowly
Price: $15.00
Wooden Santa
Size: 6.5" inches tall,  5.75 inches wide
MFG: Unknown
Excellent Condition
Price: $12.00

Vintage Ceramic Santa Bell with Bunny Slipper Feet for a Clapper
Vintage Ceramic Santa Bank
Vintage Ceramic Santa Bell
Santa Bell, 
ceramic, bunny slipper feet
Size: 5 inches tall,  3 inch diameter
MFG:  Unknown
Excellent Condition
Price: $10.00

Santa Bank, original box, ceramic
Size: 4 inches tall, 3.5 inches diameter
Circa: About 1995
Sold By: Dayton Hudson
Excellent Condition
Price: $10.00
Santa Bell, ceramic
Size: 5.5 inches tall, 2.5 inch diameter
MFG: Unknown
Excellent Condition
Price: $10.00