Celery Vase

Why would you put celery in an EAPG celery vase? During the Victorian era, from 1830 to early 1900, celery was a rare and expensive vegetable that families regarded as a luxurious treat. Cooks cleaned and scraped raw stalks, then put them in cold water in tall glass vases. This style of preparation and presentation in expensive celery vases was a symbol of prestige and confirmed a family’s upper-class status. Celery was thus considered a delicacy and purchased to impress dinner guests. Today celery vases make beautiful flower vases.

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celery vase, antique EAPG amber stained on frosted background Leaf and Flower pressed pattern glass celery vase, Hobbs Glass Company
Antique Glass, Vintage Glassware, Pressed Glass, Pattern Glass, EAPG, Clear Etched Dakota Celery Vase, 1891 Ripley & Co
celery vase, antique EAPG electric blue Seedpod pressed pattern glass celery vase, Riverside Glass Works
EAPG Pattern:  Leaf and Flower celery vase, amber stain on frosted background
Size:  6 1/42 inches tall
Circa: 1891
MFG:   Hobbs Glass Company
Excellent Condition
Price: $155.00

EAPG Pattern:  Etched Dakota celery vase, fern  and berry etching, crystal clear glass
Size:  6 3/4 inches tall
Circa: 1891
MFG:   Ripley Glass Company
Condition:  a few very light scratches
Price: $95.00

EAPG Pattern: Seedpod celery vase, electric
blue with beautiful gold
Size:  6 3/8 inches tall
Circa: 1898
MFG:   Riverside Glass Works
Excellent Condition
Price: $185.00

celery vase, antique EAPG ruby stained Millard pressed pattern glass celery vase, Hobbs Glass Company
celery vase, antique EAPG ruby stained Royal Crystal or Atlanta pressed pattern glass celery vase, Tarentum Glass Company
Antique celery, EAPG celery Crystal pressed pattern glass celery
EAPG Pattern:  Millard celery vase, ruby stained
Size:  6 7/8 inches tall
Circa:  1893
MFG:   Hobbs Glass Company
Condition: several scratches and tiny clear spot
on ruby stained
Price: $155.00

Royal Crystal or Atlanta Celery Vase, ruby stained and clear
Size:  6 1/4 inches tall
Circa: 1899
MFG: Tarentum Glass Company
Excellent Condition
Price: $155.00

EAPG Pattern:  Hanover Crystal Celery Vase, lovely fern and flower etching
Size:  6 1/4 inches tall
Circa: 1891
MFG: Richards and Hartley Glass Company
Condition: beautiful vase with chip on bottom rim
Price: $ 25.00