Sugar Bowls

In the late 1800's, sugar was expensive but it was still sprinkled on cereal, berries, fruit and stirred into coffee.  The EAPG sugar bowl was kept on the table for easy access. The sugar bowl usually had a lid to keep the flies out of the sugar. These century old pieces of art can be used as candy containers or enjoyed simply for their beautify.
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Antique EAPG Milk Glass Bead Swag Sugar Bowl, 1897 Heisey Glass Co
Antique EAPG Green Floradora Sugar Bowl, 1899 Challinor Taylor & Co
Antique EAPG Ruby Stained Hexagon Block Sugar Bowl, 1889 Hobbs Glass
EAPG Pattern:
Bead Swag Sugar Bowl, milk glass, painted flowers
Company:   Heisey Glass Co
Excellent Condition
Price:  $185.00

EAPG Pattern:  Floradora or Bohemian Sugar Bowl, green individual open sugar bowl
Size: 3" tall, 3" wide
Circa: 1899
Company: U. S Glass
Excellent Condition
Price: $55.00
EAPG Pattern: Hexagon Block Sugar Bowl, ruby stained
Circa: 1889-
Company: Hobbs Glass Co
Condition: chips on foot, underneath
Price: $105.00

Antique EAPG Diamond Mat Band or Frazier or Art Sugar Bowl, 1900 US Glass
Antique EAPG Green Esther Sugar Bowl, 1895 Riverside Glass
Antique EAPG Panel Sprig Sugar Bowl, Northwood milk glass
EAPG Pattern: Diamond Mat Band or Frazier or Art Sugar Bowl, ruby stained
Circa: 1900--
Company:   U S Glass
Excellent Condition: a few scratches on ruby stain
Price:     $125.00 
EAPG Pattern: Esther Sugar Bowl, green with gold
Circa: 1895---
Company:   Riverside Glass
Excellent Condition: lovely gold
Price: $145.00
EAPG Pattern: Paneled Sprig Sugar Bowl, milk glass with paint
Circa: 1880-1900
Company: Northwood Glass 
Excellent Condition
Antique EAPG Yellow Cased Cone Sugar Bowl, 1894-1900 Consolidated Lamp
Antique EAPG Green Florida Sugar Bowl, 1899 US Glass Co
Antique EAPG Clear Queen Anne or Bearded Man Sugar Bowl, 1879 LaBelle Glass Co
EAPG Pattern:  Cone Sugar Bowl, yellow cased glass
Circa:  1894-1900
Company:  Consolidated Lamp
Excellent Condition: small chip
on rim, not noticeable
Price:  $215.00

EAPG Pattern: Florida Sugar Bowl, green, part of a table set
Circa:  1899-
Company:   U S Glass Co
Excellent Condition
Price: $95.00

EAPG Pattern: Queen Anne or Bearded Man Sugar Bowl
Circa:  1879
Company:   LaBelle Glass Co
Excellent Condition: some roughness on edge of lid, slightly
sun purple
Price:  $90.00
Antique EAPG Maidens Blush New Hampshire Sugar Bowl, 1903 US Glass Co
EAPG Antique Clear with Gold Trim Texas individual Sugar Bowl
EAPG Pattern: 
 New Hampshire Maidens Blush Sugar Bowl, : open sugar, 
Size: 2 1/2" tall, 3" diameter
Circa: 1903
Company: US Glass Co
Excellent Condition: pink is worn
Price: $30.00
Texas Individual Sugar,
 clear glass with gold 
Size: 2 1/2" tall, 3" diameter
Circa: 1900-1912
MFG: Ripley & Co, Bryce Bro
Excellent Condition
Price: $10.00