Syrup Pitchers 2

Today syrup pitchers are collected and enjoyed for their beauty and unique designs.
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Antique EAPG Milk Glass Syrup Pitcher, 1900's
Antique EAPG Milk Glass Syrup Pitcher, 1900's
Antique EAPG Milk Glass BerrynSyrup Pitcher, 1900's
Antique EAPG Petticoat Pattern Glass Syrup Pitcher, Riverside Glass Company
Antique EAPG Milk Glass Petunia Swirl Syrup Pitcher, 1900's
Pattern: Milk Glass Syrup, 
hand painted flowers
Size:  about 6" tall
Circa: 1900-
Company:   ???
Excellent Condition
Price:  $60.00    

Pattern: Milk Glass Syrup,
hand painted flowers 
Size:  about 6" tall
Circa: 1900-
Company:   ????
Excellent Condition:  no lid
Price:   $55.00    

Pattern: Milk Glass Berry Syrup
Size: abt 7" tall
Circa:  1900-
Company:  ??? 
Condition: crack in handle, no lid

Pattern: Petticoat Syrup,
nice gold 
Size: 6 1/2" tall
Circa: 1899--
Company:  Riverside Glass
Excellent Condition: no lid
Price:  $130.00    

Pattern: Petunia Swirl Syrup,
mold blown  
Size: 7" tall
Circa: 1900-
Company:   ????
Excellent Condition: wire on lid broken
Price:  $55.00     
Antique EAPG Clear Wellsburg or National's #681 Syrup Pitcher, National Glass Co
Antique EAPG Clear Hobstar Syrup Pitcher, 1900's
Antique EAPG Clear Sunbeam Syrup Pitcher, 1901 McKee Glass Co
Antique EAPG Clear Syrup Pitcher, 1900's
Antique EAPG Clear Diamond Splendor Syrup Pitcher, 1898
Pattern: Wellsburg (National's #681) 
mold blown
Size:   6" tall
Circa: 1901--
Company: National Glass Co  
Excellent Condition: flea bite
inside rim
Price:  $75.00    

 Aztec Syrup/ New Mexico, mold blown
Size:  4" tall
Circa: 1884
Company:  McKee Glass
Excellent Condition:  no top
Price:  $45.00     

Pattern: Sunbeam, 
mold blown
Size:  3 1/2" tall
Circa: 1901--
Company:  Mckee Glass Co
Excellent Condition: no lid
Price:   $65.00    

Pattern: Ivanhoe Glass Syrup, or Dalzell  Number 65D, 
mold blown, about 6" tall
Circa: 1897-
Company:  Dalzell, Gilmore, Leighton
Condition:  chip on rim, chips 
on spout, no lid
Price:  $45.00
Pattern: Sylvan or Diamond Splendor or Fostoria number 1118 York Syrup,
Size:  4" tall
Circa: 1902-1904
Company:   Fostoria
Excellent Condition: worn gold
Price:  $85.00    

Antique EAPG Frosted Naomi Syrup Pitcher, 1901 McKee & Brother
Antique EAPG Amazon or Sawtooth Band Syrup Pitcher, Bryce Brothers
Antique EAPG Clear Virginia Syrup Pitcher, 1901 US Glass Co
Antique EAPG Clear Zanesville Syrup Pitcher, 1896 Robinson Glass Co
Antique EAPG Clear Crescent Syrup Pitcher, 1900's National at McKee
Pattern: Naomi, 
frosted with enamel pink flowers
Size:  4" tall
Circa: 1901--
Company:  McKee & Brothers 
Excellent Condition
Price:  $80.00    

Pattern: Amazon or Sawtooth Band Glass Syrup Pitcher,
crystal with etching
Size:  7 1/4" tall, 3" diameter
Circa:  1890-
Company: Bryce Brothers
Condition:  some clouding in glass, excellent lid
Price: $35.00
Pattern: Virginia Syrup, 
mold blown
Size:  5" tall
Circa: 1904--
Company: U S Glass Co  
Excellent Condition: no lid
Price:  $55.00  

Pattern: Zanesville Syrup, crystal
Size:  5 1/2" tall 
Circa: 1896--
Company:   Robinson Glass 
Excellent Condition: nice lid
Price:  $65.00    

Pattern: Crescent Syrup, 
mold blown, crystal
Size:   6" tall
Circa:  1902--1903
Company:  National McKee  
Excellent Condition: lid is detached
Price:  $65.00