Blue Toothpicks

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Antique EAPG Blue Opalescent Beatty Toothpick Holder
Antique EAPG Blue Northwood Leaf Mold Toothpick Holder
Antique EAPG Blue Opalescent Ribbed  Beatty Toothpick Holder
Pattern: Beatty Honeycomb or Waffle Toothpick Holder
, Number 88,  blue opalescent
Size:  2 3/8 inches tall, 2 1/4 inch diameter
Circa: 1888--
MFG: A J Beatty and Sons Glass Company
Excellent Condition:  tiny bubble in glass
Price:  $75.00
Pattern: Leaf Mold Toothpick Holder,
blue satin finish
Size:  1 3/4 inches tall, 1 3/4 inch diameter
Circa: 1900-
MFG:  Northwood Glass Company
Excellent Condition

Pattern: Beatty Rib or Beatty Swirl, Number 87, 
opalescent blue and white
Size: 1 7/8  inches tall, 2 1/8 inch diameter
Circa: 1915-
MFG: A J Beatty and Sons  Glass Company
Excellent Condition
Price: $75.00 
Antique EAPG Blue Glass Dog with Hath pattern Toothpick Holder
Antique EAPG Cobalt Blue Footed Colorado Pattern Glass Toothpick Holder, violet bowl, United States Glass Company
Antique EAPG Sunk Daisy Pattern Glass Toothpick Holder, Co-Operative Flint Glass Company
Pattern: Dog with Hat Toothpick Holder, 
electric blue
Size:  3 1/2  inches tall, 3 1/4 inch X 2 inch base
Circa: 1885
Company: Belmont Glass Company
Condition: chips
Price:  $20.00     
Pattern: Colorado or Jewel Toothpick Holder,
or Violet Bowl
, cobalt blue with gold
Size: 2 3/4 inches tall, 1 1/8 inch diameter 
Circa: 1891-
MFG: United States Glass Company
Excellent Condition
Price:   $65.00
Pattern: Sunk Daisy, clear glass,painted enamel flowers 
Circa: 1898-
MFG: Co-Operative Flint Glass Company
Excellent Condition
Price: $45.00 

Antique EAPG Blue Opalescent Chrysanthemum Swirl Pattern Glass Toothpick Holder
Antique EAPG pattern glass blue Tiny Optic Toothpick Holder
Antique EAPG Blue Inverted Thumbprint Pattern Glass Toothpick Holder
Pattern: Chrysanthemum Swirl,
blue opalescent
Size:   2 1/8 inches tall, 1 3/8 inch diameter 
Circa: 1890-
MFG: Northwood Glass Company
Condition: chip on rim
Price: $20.00 

Pattern: Tiny Optic,
 blue, Souvenir of Parkers Prairie, gold around rim
Size:   2 1/4 inches tall, 1 3/4 inch diameter 
Circa: 1905- 
MFG: Jefferson Glass Company 
Excellent Condition
Price:   $35.00
Pattern: Inverted Thumbprint,
blue glass with
enameled decoration
Size:  2  3/8 inches tall, 2 inch diameter 
Circa: Unknown
MFG: Unknown
Good Condition, chip on rim
Price:   $20.00
Antique EAPG Blue Glass Disc with Swirl pattern Toothpick Holder
Antique EAPG Blue Jeweled Heart Pattern Glass Toothpick Holder
Antique EAPG Blue S Repeat or National Pattern Glass Toothpick Holder, National Glass Company
Pattern: Beaded Swirl with Disc, blue glass
Size:   2 1/2 inches tall, 2 1/4 inch diameter 
Circa: 1893
MFG: United States Glass Company
Condition:  tiny chip on top circle and crack down the side
Price: $15.00

Pattern: Jeweled Heart, blue
Size:  2  1/4 inches tall, 2 1/4 inch diameter 
Circa: 1970--
MFG: L G Wright Glass Company
Excellent Condition
Price: $35.00  

Pattern: S Repeat, light blue
Size:  2 3/8 inches tall, 1 7/8 inch diameter 
Circa: 1900-
MFG: National Glass, Northwood Glass Company
Excellent Condition: tiny flake inside top scallop
Price: $35.00 

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