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Collecting Toothpick Holders is a fun and interesting hobby.

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Antique EAPG Clear Quartered Block Toothpick Holder, 1895 Duncan and Sons
Antique EAPG Clear Heavy Drape Toothpick Holder, 1904-1906 Fostoria Glass Co
Antique EAPG Clear Estelle Toothpick Holder, 1897 Heisey
Antique EAPG Wreath and Shell white opalescent Toothpick Holder
Antique EAPG Ruby Stained Beaded Swag Toothpick Holder, 1898-1907 Heisey & Company
Pattern: Quartered Block
, clear glass
Height: 2 1/2"
Circa: 1895--
Company: Duncan & Sons
Excellent Condition
Price: $25.00

Pattern: Heavy Drape,
clear glass
Circa: 1904-1906
Company: Fostoria Glass Co 
Good Condition: small chip on
base, drapes are perfect
Price: $25.00 

Pattern: Estelle
, clear glass
Height: 2 1/4"
Circa: 1897-
Company: Heisey
Fair Condition, chips on base
Price:  $15.00

Pattern: Wreath and Shell Toothpick Holder,
white opalescent
Circa: 1901-
Company: Model Flint and Northwood  Glass Co
Condition: chip on foot
Price:  $20.00 
Pattern: Beaded Swag
, ruby stained, Granite Falls, Height: 2"
Circa: 1898-1907
Company: Heisey
Excellent Condition
Price: $25.00

Antique EAPG Clear Toothpick Holder, Heisey
Antique EAPG Milk Glass Holly Clear or Holly Band Toothpick Holder, 1940 St. Clair Glass Antique EAPG Ladder with Diamonds Toothpick Holder, 1904 Duncan &  Miller
Height: 2 1/2"
Circa: ??
Company: Heisey
Excellent Condition
Price:   $20.00

Pattern: Holly Clear or Holly 
Height: 2 1/2"
Circa: 1980-
Company: Wheaton
Excellent Condition
Price:   $20.00

Ladder with Diamonds,
Height: 2 1/2", clear glass
Circa: 1904-
Company: Duncan & Miller
Good Condition, chip on rim
Price:  $30.00

Antique EAPG Clear Manhattan Toothpick Holder, 1902 US Glass
Antique EAPG Clear Priscilla Toothpick Holder, 1892 Dalzell Gilmore and Leighton Co Antique EAPG Clear Paneled Cherries Toothpick Holder, 1904 Kokomo Jenkins
Antique EAPG Banded Portland Toothpick Holder, 1901 US Glass
 Manhattan, clear glass with gold, Height: 2 1/2"
Circa: 1902-
Company: U S Glass
Excellent Condition
Price: $35.00  

Pattern: Alexis or Priscilla or Late Moon and Stars,
Size:  Height: 2 1/2"
Circa: 1892-
Company: Dalzell, Gilmore &
Leighton Co
Excellent Condition
Price:  $45.00 
 Paneled Cherries,
Height: 2 1/2", clear glass
Circa: 1904--
Company: Kokomo Jenkins
Condition, small base chips & large rim chip
Price:  $10.00

Pattern: Banded Portland or Virginia
, clear glass with gold
Height: 2 1/2"
Circa: 1901
Company: U S Glass
Excellent Condition, nice gold
Price: $25.00   

Antique EAPG Ruby Stained Saxon Toothpick Holder
Antique EAPG Orinda Clear Glass Toothpick Holder, Lancaster Glass Works Antique EAPG Ruby Stained Columbia or Harvard Toothpick Holder Antique EAPG Ruby Stained Zanesville Toothpick Holder, Robinson Glass Antique EAPG Ruby Stained Trunicated Cube or Thompson 77 Toothpick Holder
Pattern: Saxon
, clear glass with ruby stained, Height: 2 3/8"
Circa: 1890's
Company: Adams Glass Co
Excellent Condition
Price: $35.00  

Pattern: Orinda
, clear glass,
Height: 2 1/4 "
Circa: 1901--
Company: Lancaster Glass Works
Excellent Condition
Price: $35.00

Pattern: Columbia: Aka Harvard

Circa: 1898-
Company: Tarentum Glass
Souvenir Name: State Fair 1903, H. Masters
Excellent Condition: minor
chip (flea bite) under base
Price:  $30.00   

Pattern: Zanesville
, clear glass with ruby stain
Circa: 1895-1903
Company: Robinson Glass Co
Souvenir Name: Lake City, Mn
Excellent Condition: very 
minor flea bite on side/bottom
Price:  $25.00  
Pattern: Trunicated Cube: Aka
Thompson 77,
clear glass with ruby stain, Height: 2 5/8"
Circa: 1892--
Company: Thompson Glass Co
Excellent Condition
Price: $35.00

Antique EAPG Pointed Gothic Toothpick Holder, Indiana Glass
Antique EAPG Satin Swirl Mold Toothpick Holder, Mount Washington Glass Co
Pattern: Pointed Gothic #453,
clear glass
Circa: 1900-
Company: Indiana Dunkirk
Condition: tiny chip and
roughness around the rim
Price: $35.00  

Pattern: Swirl Mold
, satin opalware, gold and painted flowers
Circa: 1890--
Company: Mount Washington
Glass Co.
Excellent Condition, slight paint loss
Price:   $65.00

Antique EAPG Dithridge Custard Heart Toothpick Holder
Antique EAPG Edgewood Toothpick Holder, Fostoria Glass Co Antique EAPG Purple Scallop Skirt Toothpick Holder
Antique EAPG Clear Alabama Toothpick Holder
Antique EAPG Clear Sunk Daisy Toothpick Holder
Pattern:  Heart Toothpick Holder,
custard glass
Circa: 1894
Company: Dithridge Co
Excellent Condition:  inside roughness around rim where it was detached from pontil, shear line visible on left side of picture
Price:  $75.00
Pattern: Edgewood,
clear glass
Circa: 1901--
Company: Fostoria Glass Co
Excellent Condition
Price: $30.00

Pattern: Scalloped skirt
, purple, enamel flowers
Circa: 1900--
Company: National Glass
Condition:  2 large chips; 1 on
top, 1 on bottom
Price:  $15.00

Pattern: Alabama
, clear glass, state pattern
Circa: 1899--
Company: U S Glass Co
Excellent Condition: flea bit on bottom
Price:  $20.00 

Pattern: Sunk Daisy
, clear glass.
painted enamel flowers 
Circa: 1898-
Company: Co-Operative Flint Co
Excellent Condition
Price: $55.00

Antique EAPG Clear Medallion Sunburst, 1905
Antique EAPG Clear Brilliant Toothpick Holder, 1903 Riverside Glass Co


 Medallion Sunburst, clear glass
Circa: 1905-
Company: Unknown
Condition:  chips & rim 
Price:  $15.00

Pattern: Brilliant,
clear glass
Circa: 1903-
Company: Riverside Glass
Condition:  cracked, not noticeable
Price: $15.00