Handmade means that the Item has been made by the hands of a person, not by a machine, with special attention, 
care and craftsmanship. One of life’s rewards is hand crafting a marvelous one of a kind treasure.  If you don’t have 
the time or maybe the desire to do that yourself, you can still enjoy this pleasure and satisfaction by buying someone
 else’s handmade items.
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All items are single quantity, unless otherwise noted.
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Hand Knit Childs Blue and White Sweater with Red Hearts
Hand Knit Childs Cable Knit Ecru Pullover Sweater
Hand Knit Childs Red Sweater with White Bunnies with puff tails
Hand Knit Child's Heart Sweater, new
Size:  chest: 12 inches, length: 14 inches , armpit to cuff: 8 inches
Excellent Condition
Price: $30.00

Child's Cable Knit Sweater,
hand knit, ecru color
Size: About a child size 3-4,
Chest: 10 1/2 inches, length: 13 inches, 
armpit to cuff:  9 1/2  inches
Excellent Condition
Hand Knit Child's Bunny Sweater, 
worn several times
Size:  chest: 12 inches,  length: 15 inches,
armpit to  cuff: 10 1/2 inches
Excellent Condition
Price: $30.00

Hand Knit Childs Blue-Gray Sweater with Zipper Front
Sweater with Horses in shades of gray
Hand Knit Childs Variegated yellow to orange Poncho or shawl with blue fringe and matching hat
Hand Knit Child's Sweater with zipper in front, new, never worn
Size:  chest: 18 inches, length: 19 inches, armpit to cuff: 14 inches
Excellent Condition: never worn
Price:  $20.00 

Hand Knit Teen Sweater
 from Yorkshire, England, 

Hand Knit Tam Style Hat and Matching Poncho or shawl,  variegated yellow to orange with navy blue fringe and  trim, medium weight acrylic yarn
Size:  tam: 17 inch  circumference, has stretch, poncho:24 1/2 inch long, 25 inches wide, 9 inches  neck diameter
Price: $22.00

Dark Green Sweater Vest with red Ladybug
Hand knit blue dolls sweater with red and white design
Orange Sweater Vest with adjustable straps and gold design
Hand Knit Lady Bug Vest, dark green with red and black lady bug, medium weight wool yarn
Size:  14 inches across bottom, 12 inches
length from bottom to straps, straps 3 inches long
Price: $22.50

Hand Knit Doll's Sweater,
 goes with child's Heart Sweater, blue with white and red trim 
Size: 4 1/2 inches long, 5 inches wide
Price: $10.00

Hand Knit Orange Sweater Vest, gold design medium weight acrylic yarn, adjustable shoulder straps
Size:  14 inches across bottom, 12 inches
length from bottom to straps, straps 4-10  inches long
Price: $22.00

Variegated blue-gray Sweater Vest
Variegated maroon Sweater Vest
Variegated brown Sweater Vest with blue, white and brown diamonds
Hand Knit Child's Sweater Vest, 
Size:  chest: 15 1/2 inches,  length: 19 inches
Color: Blue Gray
Excellent Condition
Price: $15.00
Hand Knit Sweater Vest, 
Size: chest: 14 inches, length: 17 1/2 inches
Color: Dark Maroon
Excellent Condition
Price: $15.00
Hand Knit Sweater Vest, 
Size:  chest: 16 1/2 inches , length: 21 inches,
Color: Medium Brown
Excellent Condition
Price: $20.00

Hand Knit tan Mittens with red and green clowns
Hand Knit gray, white, and pink Childs monkey hat
Hand Knit tan Mittens with brown stripes
Hand Knit Mittens, tan with red and green clown, medium weight acrylic yarn
Size:  women small or child large
Price: $10.00 

Handmade Crocheted Sock Monkey Hat for a girl, soft pink, gray, white acrylic yarn, braided ties, ear flaps, flower, button eyes
Size:  fits child 3-5 years old
Price: $10.00

Hand Knit Mittens, tan with dark brown design, medium weight wool  yarn
Size:  men medium
Price: $10.00  

Hand Knit Ecru Baby Blanket Cable and Fishermans Net Design
Hand Crocheted Gold Bedspread
Hand Knit Ecru Baby Blanket
Hand Knit Baby Blanket, new
Cable & Fisherman's Net Design,
baby weight yarn, 

Crocheted Bedspread,
 variegated thread, tan to gold, fits double bed, light gold color
Excellent Condition:  never used
Price: $25.00

Hand Knit Baby Blanket, Ecru
Heavy Weight yarn
Size:  Length: 45 1/2 inches, Wide: 24 1/2 inches
Color: Ecru
Circa:  1940's
Excellent Condition
Price: $15.00

Handmade Crocheted Converse Black and White Baby Sneakers
Handmade Crocheted Pink Mary Jane Baby Shoes
Handmade Crocheted Blue and Red Baby Boat Shoes
Handmade Crocheted Baby Converse Sneakers Shoes, dark navy and white, soft acrylic yarn
6 month old size
Size:  4 inches long
Price: $ $12.00
             SOLD OUT          
email for made to order option  lmiller@reuzeitmn.com
Handmade Crocheted Baby 
Mary Jane Shoes, 
soft rose pink soft acrylic yarn
newborn size
Size:  3 inches long
Price: $ 10.00

Handmade Crocheted Baby 
Sailor Boot, 
blue and red, soft acrylic yarn, double soled,  6 month old size
Size:  4 inches long
Price: $ 12.00
             SOLD OUT 
email for made to order option
Handmade Crocheted Ecru Mary Jane Baby Shoes
Handmade Crocheted Ecru and Maroon Mary Jane Baby Shoes
Handmade Crocheted Ecru Baby Ballet Slippers
Handmade Crocheted Baby Mary Jane Shoes, ecru soft light weight virgin wool yarn
3 month old size
Size:  3 3/4 inches long
Price: $ 10.00
Handmade Crocheted Baby Too Cute Mary Jane Shoes,  ecru and red, soft acrylic yarn
3 month old size
Size:  3 1/2 inches long
Price: $ 10.00
Handmade Crocheted Baby Yoke Ballet Slipper ecru, soft light weight virgin wool yarn, brown acrylic soles, 3 month old size
Size:  3 3/4 inches long
Price: $10.00