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Little feet deserve cute shoes.

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Handmade Crocheted Converse Sneaker Baby Shoes
Handmade Crocheted Baby Sailor Boot
Handmade Crocheted Baby Mary Janes Baby Shoes
Handmade Crocheted Baby Converse Sneakers Shoes, dark navy and white, soft acrylic yarn
6 month old size
Size:  4 inches long
Price: $ $12.00
             SOLD OUT          
email for made to order option  lmiller@reuzeitmn.com
Handmade Crocheted Baby
Sailor Boot, 
blue and red, soft acrylic yarn, double soled,  6 month old size
Size:  4 inches long
Price: $ 12.00
             SOLD OUT 
email for made to order option
Handmade Crocheted Baby
Mary Jane Shoes, 
soft rose pink soft acrylic yarn
newborn size
Size:  3 inches long
Price: $ 10.00
Handmade Crocheted Baby Yoke ballet Slipper
handmade ecru crocheted baby mary jane shoes
Handmade Crocheted Baby Monkey Hat
Handmade Crocheted Baby Yoke Ballet Slipper ecru, soft light weight virgin wool yarn, brown acrylic soles, 3 month old size
Size:  3 3/4 inches long
Price: $10.00

Handmade Crocheted Baby Mary Jane Shoes, ecru soft light weight virgin wool yarn
3 month old size
Size:  3 3/4 inches long
Price: $ 12.00

Handmade Crocheted Sock Monkey Hat for a girl, soft pink, gray, white acrylic yarn, braided ties, earflaps, flower, button eyes
Size:  fits child 3-5 years old
Price: $8.00

Handmade Crocheted Baby Mary Jane Shoes
Handmade Crocheted Baby Too Cute Mary Jane Shoes,  ecru and red, soft acrylic yarn
3 month old size
Size:  3 1/2 inches long
Price: $ 10.00