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What fun to wear baubles and bangles.

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Vintage Whiting and Davis, gold tone bracelet Vintage Silver Charm Bracelet, Billy Clocks
Vintage Rhinestone bracelet
Vintage Michaela Frey Bracelet Vintage Mexican Cinco Centavo Bracelet
Description: Goldtone Filigree Bracelet,
hinged with chain, large cabochon bezeled lucite stone 
Size: 2 3/8" diameter
Circa: 1950
MFG: Whiting and Davis
Excellent Condition
Price:  $25.00

Description: Silver Charm Bracelet,
Billy Clock, Spillville, Iowa enamel charm
Size: 7 1/4" length
Circa: 1970
MFG: no mark
Excellent Condition
Price: $10.00 

Description: Crystal Rhinestone
Bracelet, silver tone backing
Size: 7" length X 3/4" wide
Circa: 1940
MFG: Unknown, no mark
Excellent Condition

Description: Metal Enamel
blue and white
Size: 2 3/4" diameter
Circa: 1980
MFG: Michaela Frey, Austria
Excellent Condition
Price:  $25.00

Description: Mexican  Cinco Centavo Bracelet,
silver finish
Size: 7" length
Circa: 1972
MFG: handcrafted in Mexico
Excellent Condition
Price: $22.50

Vintage Apache Tears Bracelet Vintage Silver Charm Bracelet
Vintage Gold tone Dice Bracelet
Vintage Heart Charm Bracelet
Vintage Nevada Bracelet
Description: Apache Tears Bracelet, stones, silver finish
Size:  7 1/2" adjustable
Circa:  1950
MFG: handcrafted, S. Dakota
Excellent Condition
Price: $65.00

Description: Charm Bracelet,11 sterling silver charms, safety chain
Size:  7 1/2" length
Circa:  1970
MFG: no mark
Excellent Condition
Price: $95.00
Description: Dice Bracelet, gold tone, black dice
Size:  7" length
Circa:  1950
MFG: LasVegas Souvenir
Excellent Condition
Price: $10.00

Description: Heart Bracelet,
gold tone, heart charm
Size:  7" length
Circa: 1960
MFG:  no mark
Condition: slight wear
Price: $7.00

Description: Nevada Bracelet, gold tone plastic 
Size:  7" length
Circa:  1950
MFG: LasVegas Souvenir,
Fort 1959
Excellent Condition
Price:  $10.00

Vintage Sterling Silver Hugs and Kisses Bracelet Vintage Silver Child's Cowboy Charm Bracelet Vintage Gold Valentine Bracelet Vintage Gold San Francisco Charm Bracelet Vintage Gold with Red Stone Bracelet
Description: Hugs and Kisses Bracelet, sterling silver 
Size: 7 1/2" length
Circa:  1980
MFG:  illegible mark
Excellent Condition
Price: $65.00
Description: Childs Western Bracelet, silver tone, 5 charms
Size:  5" length, small
Circa:  1930
MFG:  no mark
Excellent Condition
Price: $30.00
Description: Valentine Love Bracelet, gold tone, rhinestones
Size:  7" length
Circa:  1960
MFG:  no mark
Excellent Condition
Price: $30.00
Description: San Francisco Charm Bracelet, gold tone
Size:  7 inch length
Circa:  1960
MFG:  no mark
Excellent Condition
Price: $35.00
Description: Antique Bracelet
10K, red stone
Size:  7" length
Circa: 1920
MFG:  Gio
Condition: slight wear 
Price: $135.00