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Show off your appreciation of a bygone era by wearing antique jewelry.

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Vintage Enicar Rolled Gold Watch
Vintage Helbros Woman Watch
Vintage Hamilton Silver Watch
Vintage Sussex Woman Watch Face
Vintage Jamison Woman Watch
Description: Enicar Ladies Watch, rolled gold; 20 microns, mechanical, 17 jewels
Size:  7/8" diameter
Circa: About 1950's
MFG: Enicar Watch, Swiss
Condition: runs but needs cleaning
Price:  $30.00
Description: Helbros Ladies Watch, base metal
Size:  3/4" diameter
Circa: About 1940
MFG:  Helbros Watch Co
Condition: does not run
Price:  $10.00

Description: Hamilton lLadies Watch, blue dial, self-winding, red
tip on minute hand
Size: 1" diameter
Circa: 1980's
MFG:  Watch Co
Condition:  runs but needs cleaning
Price:  $15.00 
Description: Sussex Ladies Watch, gold tone, no band
Size:  3/4" diameter
Circa: About 1940
MFG:  ????
Condition: does not run
Price:  $10.00 

Description: Jameson Watch
Size: 3/4" diameter
Circa: 1986
MFG:  ?????
Condition: does not run
Price:  $8.00 

Vintage Blue Face Caravelle Woman Watch
Vintage Black Face Watch
Vintage Faux Rolex Woman Watch
Vintage Disney Mickey Mouse Watch
Vintage Timex boys watch
Description: Caravelle Watch, N5, blue face, red minute hand, no band
Size:  1" diameter
Circa: ????
MFG: Bulova Watch Co
Condition: does not run, crystal is cracked
Price:  $8.00
Description: Black Face
no numbers on dial, no band
Size:  1 1/8" diameter
Circa: ????
MFG:  logo and illegible marks
Condition: does not run
Price:  $8.00

Description:  Faux Rolex Watch, quartz
Size: 7/8" diameter
Circa: 1970's
MFG:  ????
Condition: needs battery
Price: $8.00

Description: Disney Mickey Mouse Watch, yellow hands, quartz
Size:  1 1/16" diameter
Circa: 1990's
MFG:  Lorus; Japan
Condition: does not run
Price:  $20.00 

Description: Timex boys watch.
mechanical wind
Circa:  1969
MFG:  Timex
Condition:  end tip on band missing
Price:  $8.00

Antique Illinois 17 Jewel Railroad Pocket Watch
Antique Illinois Gold Railroad Watch
Antique Illinois Railroad Pocket Watch
Antique Archimedes Reveil Watch
Antique Archimedes Reveil Steel Cased Men's Pocket Watch
Description: Illinois Men's Pocket Watch (possible railroad watch), 17 jewels
Size:1 7/8" diameter
Circa: 1917
MFG:  Illinois Watch Co
Condition: front cover is detached
Price:  $125.00

Description: front of Illinois
Watch, inscription 

Description: back of Illinois Watch, inscription 1917
Archimedes Reveil Steel Cased Men's Pocket Watch, enamel face, decorative hands, second hand dial
Size:  1 7/8" diameter
Circa: 1900
MFG:  Archimedes Watch Co
Condition: does not run, chip on enamel dial
Price:  $40.00 
Cylindre, 8 Rubis,
half moon and crown mark, picture shows back on Archimedes Reveil Watch
Antique Westclox Pocket Watch
Antique Westclox Scotty Pocket Watch
Antique Hamilton Pocket Watch
Antique Elgin Pocket Watch
Antique Elgin Pocket Watch Parts
Description: Westclox Dax Pocket Watch,
shock resistant
Size: 1 7/8" diameter
Circa:  unknown
MFG:  Westclox
Condition: doesn't run
Price:  $20.00

Description: Westclox Scotty Pocket Watch,
shock resistant
Size: 2" diameter
Circa:  1959
MFG:  Westclox
Excellent Condition: runs
Price: $50.00

Description:  Hamilton Pocket Watch,
17 jewel 722753, 14K gold filled white gold.
Size: 1 3/4" diameter
Circa: 1947
MFG:  Hamilton Watch Co
Condition: doesn't run, broken crystal
Price: $65.00
Description: Elgin Pocket Watch
, roman numerals, silver color
Size: 2" diameter
Circa:  unknown
MFG:  Elgin
Condition: doesn't run, no crystal
Price: $10.00

Description: Elgin Pocket Watch Parts,
roman numerals,
549026, GM Wheeler 
Size: 2 1/8" diameter
Circa:  1893
MFG: Elgin National Watch Co
Condition: no hands, no crystalno back cover, doesn't run
Price: $10.00

Antique Pocket Watch
Antique Ingraham Pocket Watch
Antique Watch Chain, bar and swivel
Antique Art Deco Watches
Antique Watch bands, 1925,  Felco, Genco, Hadely
Description: Pocket Watch,
gold color, L J Mosher Jeweler,
Owatonna, Minn
Size: 2" diameter
Circa: unknown
MFG:  unknown
Condition: nice face & crystal, doesn't run
Price: $30.00

Description: Ingraham Autocrat Pocket Watch
in original packaging, heavy chrome finish
Size: 2" diameter
Circa:  1963
MFG:  Ingraham Company
Excellent Condition: works
Price: $30.00

Description: Gold Watch Chain, handmade links, gold wash, swivel and bar
Size:  7" long
Circa: 1900
MFG: no mark
Excellent Condition
Price:  $35.00

Description: Ladies Art Deco Watches,
sterling, 2 have beaded bands, Swiss, 6 jewel
Size: 7" length X 5/8" wide
Circa:  1925
MFG: Haven or Hayne Waton
Condition: watches do not run, 2 missing stems, 1 beaded band is broken
Price: $30.00

Description: Assortment of 6 Watch Bands, 2
Felco beaded bands: 5 3/4" X 1/4; 1 gold filled flower design, 5 3/8"  X 1/4", ends: 3/8" wide; 1 12K white gold with black stone: 5"  X 1/4"; 1 Hadley Enchantress, gold filled, 5 1/2" X 1/2"; 1 Victoria, gold filled, 5 7/8" X 3/8" wide
Circa:  1925
MFG: Hadley, Felco, Genco
Condition:  New, never used
Price:  $60.00