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Antique cottage vases, egg cups, collector plates, and other fine vintage porcelain at Reuzeit Emporium.
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Antique Porcelain Shoe, 1890's
Antique Nippon Porcelain Napkin Rings Holders
Antique Hand Painted Porcelain Shoe with gold trim, 1890's
Antique Cobalt Blue Porcelain Shoe with dragonfly, 1890's
Antique Porcelain Boot, 1890's
Porcelain Shoe,
 gold wash, flowers
Size:  6 1/2" X 3"
Circa:  1890--
Company: Unknown
Excellent Condition

Antique Porcelain Napkin Rings or Holders (2) heavy gold decoration
Size: 2" diameter, 1 1/4" wide 
Circa:  1890-
Company: No mark; Nippon??? 
Excellent Condition
Porcelain Shoe
, handpainted flowers, gold trim
Size:  6" X 2 1/2"
Company: Unknown
Excellent Condition: small flea bit in beading
Porcelain Shoe, cobalt blue with white dragonfly
Size:  4 1/2" X  1 1/2"
Circa:  1890-
Company: Unknown, no mark
Excellent Condition

Porcelain Boot, large gold wash, flowers
Size:  5" tall X 4 1/2"
Circa:  1890---
Company: Unknown, no marks
Excellent Condition
Price:  $35.00

Vintage Porcelain Hand painted Baby Shoe
Antique Pink Luster Porcelain Boot, 1900's made in Germany
Antique White and Gold Porcelain Shoe, 1900's
Antique Hand Painted Porcelain Hatpin Holder, 1900's
Vintage Lace Porcelain Shoe, 1940's
Porcelain  Baby Shoe, hand painted roses, with blue wash,
Size:  3 1/4" X 1 1/2" high
Company:  Unknown
Excellent Condition
Price: $20.00 

Porcelain Boot,
 pink luster, with
cobalt, gold & white raised flowers 
Circa:  1900-
Company:  Made in Germany, crown mark
Excellent Condition
Price:  $85.00

Porcelain Shoe
, white with gold,
Size: 6" X 2" high
Circa:  1900-
Company: Unknown
Excellent Condition

Porcelain Hatpin Holder, hand painted flowers with gold
Size:  5" X 2"
Circa: 1900-
Company: No marks
Excellent Condition
Price: $45.00

P39047 & C8006
Porcelain shoe 
white with 
applied flowers & lace trim, 
light blue & pink color
Size:  5" X 3" tall
Circa: 1940's 
Company:  illegible mark, fine
Good Condition: some lace nicks
Price:  $20.00
Hand Painted Bavaria Salt & Pepper Shakers with gold trim, 1900's Germany
Hand Painted Salt and Pepper Shaker with gold trim, 1900's
4 Occupied Japan Figurines, 1945-1952
Lefton Girl Holding Bag, 1950's
5 Haviland Dessert Plates,1893-1900 Theodore Haviland Limoges France
Salt & Pepper Shakers, gold trim hand painted
Circa: 1900-
MFG: Bavaria, Germany
Excellent Condition
Price: $15.00

Salt & Pepper Shakers, 
gold trim, hand panted
Circa: 1900--
Condition: underneath chip
Price: $7.00

Occupied Japan Figurines, 4
Circa: 1945-1952    
Excellent Condition 
Price: $2

Lefton Girl Holding Bag

Circa: 1950--
Excellent Condition

Haviland Dessert Plates (5),
Size:  7 1/2" diameter
Circa: 1893-1900
MFG: Theodore Haviland,
Limoges, France (in red)
Excellent Condition 
Price: $30.00
Antique Bavaria Flower Garland Cups and Saucers, 1930 Heinrich and Co. Bavaria
Antique Limoges Cottage Vase, 1900's France
Antique Limoges Cottage Vase, 1900's France
Vintage 1980's French Egg Cups (2)
Antique Moriage 1920's Dragon Vase, Takito Co. Japan
Bavaria Flower Garland Cups & Saucers (6), Porzellanfabrik
Circa: 1930---
MFG: Heinrich & Co, Bavaria
Excellent Condition 
Price: $40.00

Limoges Cottage Vase,
Size: 5" tall X 3" wide
Circa: 1900--
MFG: Limoges, France
Excellent Condition 
Price:  $15.00

Limoges Cottage Vase
Size:  5" tall X 2 1/4" wide
Circa: 1900--
MFG: Limoges, France
Excellent Condition 
Price:  $15.00

Egg Cups, French, 2 1/4" tall, top: 1 3/4" & bottom: 1 3/8" diameters
Circa: 1980's
MFG: Poterie Chapelle, France
Excellent Condition 
Price:  $12.00
Dragon Vase,  moriage style
Size:  5 1/4" tall
Circa: 1920
MFG: Takito Co, Japan
Excellent Condition 
Price:  $25.00

Antique Alfred Meakin Plate, Royal Semi-porcelain, England
Antique Dresden China Strawberry Plate
Antique Porcelain Toothpick Holder, 1880's Vintage Eleanor Bavaria Sugar Bowl Antique Nippon Stacking Sugar and Cream Set, 1911
Royal semi- porcelain Plate, crown mark, flower transfer with painted gold design 
Size:  9 1/4" diameter
Circa: 1910--
MFG: Alfred Meakin
Condition: light scratches 
Price:  $15.00
Strawberry Plate, strawberry transfer with gold design rim
Size:  10" diameter
Circa: 1910-
MFG: Dresden, Germany
Excellent Condition 
Price:  $15.00

Toothpick Holder, 1880's people,
Size:  2 3/8" tall, base: 1 1/2" square
Circa: ????
MFG: no marks
Excellent Condition 
Price: $15.00

Eleanor Bavaria Sugar Bowl,
Size:  5" tall X 3" base diameter
Circa: ????
MFG: Bavaria, Germany
Excellent Condition 
Price: $15.00

Nippon Stacking Sugar & Cream Set
Size: 5 1/2" tall X 5" diameter
Circa: About 1911
MFG: Morimura Bros, Japan
Condition: small chip under lip
of creamer 
Price:  $25.00
Small Antique Plate Flowers, 1900's
Antique Chocolate Pot, Nagoya Seito, 1891-1921
Antique Small Plate, 1900's
Antique Small Ring Dish, 1920 Nippon
Antique Nippon Salt & Pepper Shakers, 1920's
Small Plate,
gold trim, flowers,
Size:  5 1/2" diameter
Circa: 1900-
MFG: no marks
Excellent Condition
Price: $12.00

Chocolate Pot,
10" tall X 5" base diameter, gold trim, hand painted,
Nagoya Seito
Size:  10" tall X 5" base diameter
Circa: 1891-1921
MFG: Te-Oh mark, China, Nippon
Excellent Condition
Price:  $85.00
Small Plate, 
gold trim, flowers,
Size:  7 1/4" diameter
Circa: 1900-
MFG: no marks
Excellent Condition
Price: $12.00

Small Ring Dish, 
gold trim,
Size:  5 1/2" diameter
Circa: 1920-
MFG: Nippon
Excellent Condition
Price: $18.00

Salt & Pepper Shakers
, white with gold trim, hand painted
Size:  2 1/4" tall X 2" diameter
Circa: 1920's
MFG: Nippon
Excellent Condition
Price: $15.00

Antique Porcelain Butter Pats, 1890 Antique Porcelain Homer Laughlin. Hudson Covered casserole Dish Antique Hand Painted Porcelain Shoe Antique Hand Painted Porcelain Trivet Antique Nippon Gold Trim Porcelain Chocolate Cup
Butter Pats, (6) gold trim,  
Size:  3" diameter
Circa: 1890
MFG: no marks
Excellent Condition
Price: $25.00

Covered Casserole Dish, Hudson 
Size:  6" tall, 7" diameter
Circa: 1920--
MFG: Homer Laughlin
Condition: 1" stress crack inside
Price: $15.00
Hand Painted Shoe,
pink roses,
Size:3 1/2" long, 1 3/4" tall
Circa: 1900
MFG: no marks
Excellent Condition
Price: $25.00

Hand Painted Trivet 
Size:  6" diameter
Circa:  ???
MFG: ????
Excellent Condition
Price: $10.00

Small Cup with gold trim,
bow design 
Size:  3" tall X 3" diameter
Circa: 1920-
MFG: Nippon
Excellent Condition
Price: $15.00