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Porcelain 5

Puppies, squirrels and Bunnykin bunnies.

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Vintage Avon Best Buddies Porcelain Squirrels
Vintage Occupied Japan Porcelain Figurines
Vintage Homco Porcelain Puppies
Porcelain Squirrels, Source of fine Collectibles, Best Buddies
Size:  2 3/4 inches tall, 1 1/4 inch diameter
Circa: 1992
MFG: Avon
Excellent Condition
Price:  $10.00
Occupied Japan Figurines, 4,smalls, lady with
bonnet, couple in fancy attire, girl with bucket, and boy
Circa: 1945-1952    
Excellent Condition 
Price: $20.00

Porcelain Puppies, numbers 1407, 8828
Size:  2 1/2 inches tall, 2 inches wide
Circa: About 1990
MFG: Homco
Excellent Condition
Price:  $15.00  

Vintage Royal Doulton Bunnykins Breakfast Set
Antique Butter Pats
Vintage Royal Doulton Bunnykins Breakfast Set
Porcelain Bunnykins Plate, Mug and Bowl, Royal Doulton Breakfast Set
Circa: 1994
MFG: Royal Doulton. England
Excellent Condition
Price:  $25.00  

Porcelain Butter Pats (3)
Size:  3 1/4 inch diameter
Circa: unknown
MFG: Royal Copenhagen, Royal Austria, 
no mark on Japanese
Excellent Condition
Price:  $15.00   

Porcelain  Bunnykins Plate, Mug and Bowl, Royal Doulton Breakfast Set
Circa: 1994
MFG: Royal Doulton
Excellent Condition
Price:  $25.00  

Old Ivory Cobalt blue demitasse cup
Antique Porcelain Cream Pitcher with flowers
Vintage Porcelain French Egg Cups, Poterie Chapelle
Old Ivory Queen Anne Demitasse Cup,
cobalt blue and white, white inside
Size: 2 1/8 inches tall, 2 3/4 inch top diameter
Circa: 1950-1970
MFG: Syracuse China Company
Excellent Condition

Porcelain Cream Pitcher,  painted flowers and gold accents 
Size:  3 1/4 inches tall, 2 3/4 inches bottom diameter
Circa: 1890
MFG: no mark, but looks like RS Prussia
Excellent Condition
Price:  $10.00  
Egg Cups, French, blue, cream, yellow
Size: 2 1/4 inches tall, top: 1 3/4 inches bottom:1 3/8 inch diameters
Circa: 1980
MFG: Poterie Chapelle, France
Excellent Condition 
Price:  $10.00 for pair