Reuzeit Emporium has a large selection of antique and vintage sterling and silver plate objects from the finest United States Companies, including Pairpoint, Meriden, Roger Smith, Homan, Van Bergh, Tuffs, and Rock ford Silver. All that's glitters is not gold.  It could be silver or silver plate. Silver plate means the object has been coated with a thin layer of silver.  The term quadruple plate means the object has been coated four times.  Often an object was embellished with designs using a variety of different techniques.  Repousse is a technique where the metal is shaped by hammering from the reverse side to create a design in low relief.  Chasing is the opposite because the metal is worked from the front to refine the design by sinking the metal. Sometimes the design is engraved, this is when the metal is actually cut away with a sharp tool. Around 1890, a satin finish was very poplar. A fine dark pockmarked surface was produced against which the hand-engraving stood out in bright relief. Today very few items are produced using these techniques. Select items include, antique pickle casters, antique toast holders, antique caster sets, condiment holders, vintage bowls, a vintage silver perfume set, & much much more.
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1992 Silverplate Christmas Bell
Vintage Tiny Silverplate Cowboy Boot
Antique Quadruple Plate Pickle Castor Frame, 1882-1892
Antique Sliverplate Syrup Pitcher, 1870-1880
Antique Silver Toast and Jam Pot Holder, 1920
, silverplated, with date,Christmas 1992, engraved,
Size:  3 1/4" X 3 1/4"
Circa:  1992
MFG: International Silver Co
Handmade in India
Excellent Condition
Price: $10.00

Tiny Cowboy Boot,
silver wash
Size: 2 5/8 " tall ,1 1/4" wide
Circa: 1950's
MFG: Japan
Condition:  silver plate,silver is worn
Price: $8.00

Pickle Castor Frame,  Quadruple Plate, Nice decoration with birds and flowers, not resilvered
Size: 2 3/4" diameter,12" tall, 3 1/2" wide
Circa: 1882-1892
Mfg: Barbour Brothers Co
Excellent Condition
Price:  $60.00
Syrup Pitcher,
silver plate with engraved leaves, good silver
Size:  5" tall
Circa: 1870-1880
Mfg: Albany Silverplate Co, #5101
Excellent Condition
Price: $25.00

Toast and Jam Pot

MFG: J & Co, Made in England
Circa: : 1920
Good Condition: a few worn spots
Price: $25.00

Antique Pairpoint Silver Holder, 1900
Antique Meridan Quadruple Plate Silver Holder, 1900
Vintage Metal Pincushion Shoe
Antique Repousse Silverplate Toothpick Holder, 1900
Vintage Juvento Lopez Reyes sterling silver bowl
Silver Holder with blue vase,
birds, butterflies, flowers, and Grifin like creature feet
MFG: Pairpoint Mfg Co. #1533
quadruple plate
Excellent Condition: resilvered
Price:  $205.00

Silver Holder,
lovely engraved leaves and flowers
Size: 7" tall X 5" 
Circa: 1900
MFG: Meriden Company, Meriden Britannia Quadruple, Meriden, CT #1418
Excellent Condition:  possibly resilvered, very nice
Price: $65.00
Metal Pincushion Shoe
, silver wash tiny
Size: 2 1/2" wide X 1 3/4" high
Circa:  Unknown
MFG: Unknown no marks
Excellent Condition

Silver Toothpick Holder,
Repousse Silverplate, all over flower motif #52
Circa:  1900
MFG:  Meriden
Excellent Condition 
Price: $100.00

Reyes Sterling Silver Bowl,
handcrafted, .925 silver, modernist design
Size:  4 3/4" diameter X 2 1/2" tall, 2 1/2" bottom diameter
Circa: 1935
MFG: Juvento Lopez Reyes, Mexico City, Mexico
Excellent Condition 
Price:  $145.00

Antique vintage silver tea strainer and tilt stand
Antique Pairpoint Quadruple Plate Silver Cream and Sugar Tray, 1890
Antique Silver Gravy Boat, Rockford Silverplate Co 1885
Antique Caster Set, silver with 5 bottles
Antique Silver Repousse Perfume Stand, Meriden Silver Co 1887
Silver tea strainer and attached stand holder, strainer tilts to  pour hot water over tea leaves into cup
Size: 4 1/2 inches tall, 2 inch diameter
Circa: Unknown
Excellent Condition
Price: 30.00
Silver Cream & Sugar Tray
, twigs & ribbon design #2030, quadruple plate
Circa: 1890--
MFG:  Pairpoint MFG Co, New Bedford, Mass
Excellent Condition, nice silver
Price: $95.00

Silver Gravy Boat,
silverplate,gold wash on the inside
Circa:  1885
MFG:  Rockford Silverplate Co
Excellent condition: 2 scratches
Price:  $45.00

Silver Caster Set,
2 condiments,
1 bottle, salt & pepper
Circa: 1885
MFG: The Hard White Metal Co
Excellent Condition: has been resilvered
Price:  $145.00

Perfume Stand,
silver, repousse flowers on base, #33
Circa:  1887
MFG:  Meriden Silver Co
Good Condition:  silver is worn on handle, has not been resilvered
Price: $25.00

Antique Silverplate Tea Pot, Van Bergh Co 1900's
Antique Electroplated Nickel Silver Toast Rack, 1930's
Antique Silver Toilet Set, holds 3 bottles, 1880's
Antique Engraved Silver Bonbon Dish, Knicker 1870's
Antique Monogrammed Grape Basket, 1885
Tea Pot,
one cup, silverplate
Circa: 1900
MFG:  Van Bergh Co, Rochester, New York
Good Condition: several worn spots
Price: $25.00

Toast Rack,
electroplated nickel silver, E.P.N.S.
Circa: 1930
MFG:  ??England? Germany?
Good condition
Price:  $20.00

Silver Toilet Set,
holds 3 bottles,horse shoe reads 'Good Luck', 2 stopper holders that lift up,
quadruple plate, hard white metal #934, beautiful patina, 13 1/2" tall, 9" long
Circa: 1880
MFG: Middletown Plate Co
Excellent Condition
Price: $145.00
Silver Bonbon Dish,
design, 5 1/4" diameter
Circa: 1870--
MFG: Knicker -K-
Condition: worn silver
Price: $10.00

Grape Basket,
C on 1 end E on the other end, 111/2" long, 3 3/4" high
Circa: 1885---
MFG: Apollo Silver Co
Condition: worn silver, beautiful applied grapes & leaves
Price: $20.00

Antique Silver Repousse Bowl, Homan Silverplate Co 1893
Antique Silver Condiment Holder, Barnour Bros Co NY 1890's
Antique Webster Silver Holder, Webster MFG Co 1866-1874
Antique Silver Salt & Pepper Stand, Wilcox Silverplate Co 1885
Antique Silver Vase Holder, Barbour MFG 1880
Silver Bowl,
repousse, beautiful pierced base, 1 handle to handle
Circa: 1893
MFG: Homan Silveplate Co
Good Condition: slight tears in a few scallops, bent
Price: $10.00

Silver Condiment Holder,
7 1/2"
tall, back 2 cups 1 1/2", front cup 2 inches
Circa: 1890
MFG: Barbour Bros. Co NY
Excellent Condition: resilvered?
Price: $105.00

Webster Silver Holder,
 3" diameter, 5" tall, grape leaves and
animals around top, possible holder for pattern Tree of Life
Circa: 1866-1874
MFG: Webster MFG Co
Excellent Condition
Price: $105.00
Silver Salt & Pepper Stand
, lovely swan feet, nice patina, each holder 1 1/2", 5 1/2" tall
Circa: 1885
MFG: Wilcox Silverplate Co
Condition:  looks like a piece is missing, good silver
Price:  $20.00
Silver Vase Holder,
figure with flowers, hard white metal, 4"
Circa:  1880
MFG: Barbour MFG
Condition: edge roughness
Price:  $10.00

Antique Silver Bread Tray, Forbes Silver Co, 1880
Antique Silver Syrup Pitcher, 1860
Antique Silver Condiment Holder, Reed & Barton 1880
Antique Webster Silver Basket with Pierced work
Antique Caster Set Holder, 1900
Bread Tray
, pierced silver with fine engraving, 15" X 7"
Circa: 1880
MFG: Forbes Silver Co
Condition: several breaks in piercing work, solder marks
Price: $15.00

Syrup Pitcher, leaf and berry on cover, finely etched flower design
Circa:  1860
MFG: no markings
Good Condition, handle needs soldering
Price: $25.00

Condiment Holder, hoof feet, soldier medallions, inside 1 5/8"
diameter, upper; 2 1/4 inches
Circa: 1880-
MFG: Reed & Barton
Good Condition: worn silver
Price:  $105.00

Silver Basket,
pierced work & engraved flowers & leaves monogrammed L..O.K  96
Circa: 1896
MFG:  Webster MFG, NY
Condition: lacquer is worn, handle needs to be soldered
Price: $25.00
Caster Set,
monogrammed Jennie
& George
Circa: 1900
MFG: Unknown
Condition: worn silver
Price: $20.00

Antique Silver Holder, 1870
Antique Silver Nut Dish with dolphin handles, 1885
Antique Silver Holder, Rockford Silverplate Co 1890
Antique Silver Basket, Pelton Bros & Co 1874
Vintage Engraved Silver Tray, 1985 Wallace Silversmiths
Silver Holder,
3 3/4" diameter bottom, 4 " top
Circa: 1870
MFG: Webb, cobweb mark
Condition:  missing top
Price: $10.00
Silver Nut Dish, dolphin handles
Circa: 1885
MFG: Webb can't read mark
Good Condition: worn silver
Price: $15.00

Silver Holder
, pierced, 4 3/4" by 2" widest spot #395
Circa: 1890
MFG: Rockford Silverplate Co.
Excellent Condition
Price: $15.00
Silver Basket, small, pierced,
3 1/4" diameter, 1 1/2 " high
Circa: 1874
MFG:  Pelton Bros. & Co
Condition: worn silver
Price: $10.00
  engraved,silver plate, 11" by 11" , excellent silver
Circa:  1985
MFG: Wallace Silversmiths
Good Condition: small
Price: $45.00