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Antique and vintage Silver from some of the United States foremost Silver Companies; Pairpoint, Meriden, Roger and Smith,Van Bergh, Simpson Hallmiller, Apollo and Homan Silver Companies.

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All items are single quantity, unless otherwise noted.
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Antique Silver Repousse Ice Pitcher enamel liner, 1865
Antique Silver Crumb Set, Apollo Silver Co 1875
Antique Silver Basket, Meriden Silver Co 1890
Antique Silver Grape Dish, 1860
Silver Ice Pitcher,
 # 44, enamel liner, repousse & applied silver, 11 in X 6 1/4 diameter
Circa:  1865--
MFG: Webb 
Good Condition: worn silver
Price: $30.00
Silver Crumb Set 
Circa:  1875--
MFG: Apollo Silver Co
Good Condition: worn silver
Price: $15.00

Silver Individual Salt,

2 in diameter  
Circa:  1885--
MFG: Apollo Silver Co
Excellent Condition
Price: $20.00

Silver Basket,
nice silver work,
 5 in X 4 in 
Circa: 1890--
MFG: Meriden Silver Co
Good Condition
Price: $15.00

Silver Grape Dish,
grapes & leaves, 10 in X 5 in
Circa: 1860--
MFG: no marks
Condition: worn silver, copper
showing in spots
Price:  $10.00
Antique Silver Jewelry Casket with Key, 1880s Simpson Hallmiller Co
Antique Silver Jewelry Casket with Key, 1880s Simpson Hallmiller Co
Antique Sterling Silver Salt Shaker
Sterling Silver Overlay Salt Shaker Silver Bowl with etched flowers, 1862-1877 Roger Smith & Co
Silver Jewelry Casket with key,
6" long, 5 1/2" wide
Circa: 1880's
MFG: Simpson Hallmiller Co
Excellent Condition: nice old velvet lining, great silver
Price: $135.00

Silver Jewelry Casket Open,
old burgundy velvet lining in excellent
condition, Lid has repousse flowers, ornate design around the
bottom with claw feet. Beautiful
Antique Jewelry Casket

Sterling Silver Salt Shaker,
weighted, pat. pending,
4 1/2" tall, 1 7/8" diameter
MFG: no marks
Condition: top of  cap pushed down
Price: $25.00
Sterling Silver Overlay Glass Salt Shaker,
2 1/4" tall, 1 5/8" diameter
Circa: ????
MFG: C with M inside
Excellent Condition
Price: $45.00

Silver Bowl with etched flowers,
4" diameter, 2 3/4" tall,
Circa: 1862-1877
MFG: Roger Smith & Co, Meriden
Excellent Condition
Price: $25.00

Antique Silver Crumb Receiver, 1880 Pairpoint MFG Co
Antique Silver Bread Tray, 1880 Pairpoint Co
Antique Silver Napkin Holder & Salt, 1885 Meriden Co Antique Silver Cake Basket with engraved flowers, 1850-1899 Homan Co Antique Silver Matchbox Cases, 1930s
Silver Crumb Receiver,
#3425, 14" long, 4" wide
Circa: 1880
MFG: Pairpoint MFG Co
Good Condition: dirt on tray
Price: $15.00

Silver Bread Tray,
pierced work edge flowers, #1245, resilvered,
13 1/2 " long X 7 1/2" wide
Circa: 1880
MFG: Pairpoint Company, New Bedford 
Excellent Condition: engraved Laura 1903
Price:  $125.00
Silver Napkin Ring & Salt Dish, #24, 7 1/2" tall, 3 1/2" lon
MFG:  Meriden Company
Excellent Condition
Price:  $85.00

Silver Cake Basket,
engraved flowers, applied flower edge, stands 2 1/4" off ground on 4 feet,
9" diameter, #1569
Circa: 1850-1899
MFG:  Homan Company
Excellent Condition: perfect silver
Price:  $125.00
Sterling Silver Matchbox Cases,
(2) monogrammed A,
1 5/8" by 1 1/8"
Circa: 1930's
MFG: no mark
Excellent Condition:
Price: $75.00

Antique Sterling Silver Salt & Pepper Shaker
Antique Sterling Silver Salt Shaker, English Antique Silver Tea Holder
Antique Silver Salt & Pepper Shaker, 1900s
Antique Silver Salt & Pepper Shaker, 1889
Sterling Silver Salt & Pepper Shakers,
#215, 1 3/4" tall,
5/8" diameter
Circa: ???
MFG: wreath symbol #215
Excellent Condition
Price: $35.00

Sterling Silver Salt Shaker,
embossed flowers, #2215,
2 3/4" tall, 1 1/4" diameter
Circa: 1900's
MFG: English hallmarks
Excellent Condition
Price: $35.00

Silver tea holder, 4 1/2" tall,
2" diameter
Circa: ????
Excellent Condition
Price: 30.00

Silver Pierced 2 piece Salt Shaker,
glass bottom, 3" tall, 
1 1/2" diameter
Circa: 1900's
MFG: unknown
Condition: excellent silver, flea bites on base of glass
Price: $55.00
Silver Salt Shaker 2 piece Salt Shaker,
glass bottom, 2 5/8" tall, 1 1/8" base diameter
Circa: Oct 31 1889
MFG:  Unknown
Excellent Condition
Price: $40.00