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"I collect a specific type of vintage Murano Art Glass that is generally more expensive than other pieces, if you can find them. While surfing the Internet for my favorite glass, I finally found a piece that was being sold by Reuzeit Emporium. The owner of the emporium answered all of my questions with a professional and rapid response. They followed through after I made the purchase to insure that I received the cruet and that I was satisfied. I will definitely be shopping for more items in the future in their emporium as it was reasonably priced and the service is fantastic. I just love the new addition to my collection. Thank you Ms. Miller for caring about me and my art glass collection."
                                                                                                            Gary Penney

"The Floradora pitcher arrived safely today and is lovely!!!  Thank you for the super service, friendly emails and safe shipping.  Hey, keep me in mind anytime you get any unusual pieces of Floradora.  I see you have berry bowls, but I already have those.  Would love love love to get a straw jar in any color! Thank you again, and have a wonderful day!"
                                                                                   Jean Fuhrman

"Just bought a beautiful and rare Rosetta aka circular saw syrup. Transaction was easy and the communications exceptional. Quality and trusted seller. Don't hesitate to purchase!"                                                                                                                                Phyllis Haase Messerla 

"Just want to say thank you ! It's just what I imagined..and remembered growing up!  My parents always went all out for holidays and there are some things that are forever in a memory...and the glass egg is mine for our Easters.  This is perfect, thank you!"
                                                                                                                           Lois Bending
"Thanks Linda and I will have Ann keep an eye out for it...It's a pleasure working with you and I'm always keeping an eye on your shop for new glass treasures I just can't live without....     
                                                                                                                Jodi Boozer

"The vase arrived today and is wonderful!  It is amazing that it has lasted 117 years in such great shape.  I do thank you for your friendly emails and super service, and am sure to do business with you again and again.   Best wishes to all!"                Jean Fuhrman

"Item received in fine shape, Thank you!"                                           Mitch Silverman

"Thank you so much!  I appreciate your getting back to me so quickly!  If you don't mind, would you be able to take a look at the below picture and let me know if you ever get rings like this one in stock?  It's similar to the one I just purchased.  I've  been trying to find this one as well, but to no avail, so any info that you can provide would be appreciated (if you happen to know the designer, roughly the year (60's or 70's) etc?  It matches a ring that I had lost when I was younger, and it had sentimental value.  Thanks again!"  Kind Regards,        Melissa

"The globe has arrived here, two days early. You packed it superbly, and it was unharmed in transit. I brought it to the lamp with the broken globe, and it looks almost identical. The glass is the same colour, and even has the same greenish fluorescence when illuminated by an LED flash-light. If I can, I will take a picture of the lamp when it is repaired. It is almost a miracle that you had this matching shade available, and listed on-line with a good photograph and description, on the sad day the other shade broke. Many, many thanks for the shade, and a perfect transaction!

I am pleased to report that the new/old shade fit perfectly. No adjustments of any kind were necessary. Looking at the lamp now, it is impossible to tell that anything had happened. I think it is quite remarkable that a replacement shade for a turn-of-the-century hall lamp could be found within an hour of searching on-line, immediately after the original shade broke. This is especially so because, unlike the fancy hanging lamps for drawing rooms and libraries, hall lamps had an enormous variety of shade styles and shapes. Needless to say, the match would not have been possible had you not placed such a clear description and photograph in your listing.

Best Regards,


"Thank you for your note. I look forward to receiving my new little kiwi bird stickpin!  Best,"


"Lorraine Set, Got them and they are beautiful..so clear and well pressed. Thank you so much. They will be treasured!!!!"
                                                                                    Phyllis Messerla

"Hey I got the salt shaker. I like it! Thank you"
                    Luke Feher
"Ok I paid for the lamp so we are good to go! :-)
Thanks for the blog info about Margaret Quimby and how you acquired the lamp. That's a very cool history of the lamp and makes it even more special! She died young, though, and I wonder what happened to her and why she died that young. Her general story sounds kinda sad.:-(
Anyway I'm looking forward to owning this sweet little lamp and sharing its history with others."
               Jen Lucker

"The heart goblet was pristine just gorgeous.
The larger states goblet is just what I was searching for and would like more, if you come across any."
                                                                                                                Gail Hynds
"Payment has been made with PayPal. I'm so excited. I had a Tippee toes doll as a child in the 70's. She was well played with and well loved for many years, but unfortunately she didn't survive childhood and a destructive brother. LOL. I got her as a Christmas present in '75/'76 and I will be so looking forward to having her again this Christmas. Thank you so much for looking after her. Now that I can see her properly on the laptop(Can't see much on IPhones). She looks in beautiful condition and more than I could hope for.  She will definitely be well loved and looked after.  Kind Regards"
                 Annie Holdstock

"Many thanks for your quick reply and actions. I have now ordered and paid. Best Regards"
                                                                                                Doug Bevan.

"Games arrived today. Thanks!  Would you drop me an email if you get any new stock in for Nintendo games?   Thanks,"
                                                                                        Jeff Geske

"I received the puzzle today in perfect condition. Many thanks for the super fast shipment of my puzzle.   Best regards"
                                                                                        David Errett

"We received our beautiful toothpick holders today safe and sound because of your awesome wrapping.  
Thank you so much.  May you have a great week-end!"

                                                                                                   Vicki Litwiller
 Thank you.  It was very nicely packaged and arrived last week.

                                                                                                         -James Larson
I received my Roselane deer yesterday. It's beautiful, and I'm very happy with my purchase. Thank you for wrapping and shipping it with such care!

vintage Christmas Santa Lantern
Hey Linda,  
just received my package, which was very well packed! Thank you very much, it is in perfect condition, I love it!
Valanto Vale Στις Σάββατο, Greece

antique silver butter dish
Oh wow thank you, Linda. I look forward to utilizing your company again soon! It is a gift and we don’t need it until December. Thank you for being honest and for the refund - you didn’t have to! Kindest regards