Textiles and Costumes

The word textile is derived from the Latin word ‘texere’ meaning to weave.  The broader meaning applies to the variety of ways textile fabrics are made.  A textile is a fabric made from fibers. There are many different kinds of fibers, such as, wool, cotton, flax and silk.  These fibers can be converted into yarn, thread, or used in other ways to make fabrics.  Textiles can be made into many different articles. In Reuzeit's textile shop you will find; handmade lace, linen towels & tablecloths, silk cloth, velvet fabric, a wool & mohair jacket, a Chantilly lace shawl and much more.              
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Antique Vintage Black Silk Chantilly Lace Shawl with fringe, 1900's Antique Vintage Black Silk Chantilly Lace Shawl with fringe, 1900's Antique Vintage Linen Hand Towel with Crocheted Trim & Embroidery, 1900's Antique Vintage Linen Hand Towel with cut work border, 1910
Vintage Blue and White Tablecloth with 8 Napkins, 1960's
Black Silk Chantilly Lace Shawl
with fringe
Circa: 1900's
Size:  60" square
Condition: hole the size of quarter near corner
Price: $35.00
Black Chantilly Lace Shawl,
could be a piano shawl
Linen hand towel with crocheted trim & embroidery
Size: 33" X 17"
Condition: small hole in back'
faint spot
Price: $7.00
Linen hand towels (2)
with cut work border on 3 sides, very fine linen
Circa: 1910
Size: 19" X 15 1/2"
Excellent Condition
Price: $10.00
Blue & White Tablecloth
(78" X 50"), 8 napkins (16" square), & runner (38" X 25")
Circa: 1960's
Excellent Condition: 2 spots on 1 napkin
Price: $45.00
vintage Red Velvet Upholstery Fabric Antique Vintage Dusty Pink Silk and Lace Bed Cover, belonged to 1920's movie star Margaret Quimby Vintage Yellow Linen Tablecloth with fringe Vintage Blue Cotton Cloth Woven Cat Design, 1950's Antique Vintage Tulle Tambour Lace Chaise Lounge Cover, 1920's belonged to Margaret Quimby
Red Velvet Upholstery Fabric,
original price $80.00 a yard
Size: 78" X 54"
Excellent Condition, new
Price: $40.00

Dusty Pink Silk & Lace Bed Cover,
belonged to 1920's movie star, Margaret Quimby; lace on 3 sides; 4" wide, 2 panels of lace down the body of the spread; 4 1/2" wide Lace: Felet-net or Lacis
Circa: 1920's
Size: 78" by 90"
Condition: hole in lace about the size of a quarter in corner
Price: $75.00
Yellow Linen Tablecloth with fringe
Size: 36" square
Excellent Condition
Price: $25.00

Blue Cotton Cloth with woven cat design
Size: 36" wide, 60" length
Excellent Condition
Price: $12.00

Tulle Tambour Lace Chaise Lounge Cover
with 4 faces, silk appliques & embroidery flowers;
belonged to movie star, Margaret Quimby
Circa: 1920's
Size: 54" wide, 67" length
Excellent Condition: tiny lace separation
Price: $70.00

Vintage Silk Fabric with White Flowers, Silk  Lining
Vintage Tuxedo Wool Jacket by Andrew Stewart
Antique Vintage Linen Cloth with Applique Cut Work & Embroidery Antique Vintage Flemish Tapestry Antique Vintage Linen Cloth with cut work and embroidery, handmade lace edging
Silk Fabric with white flowers,
silk lining
Size: widest: 14 1/2" to 6 1/2"
length: 39"
Excellent Condition
Price: $10.00

Tuxedo Jacket,
Wool (60%) &
Mohair (40%), woven in Scotland by Andrew Stewart
Size: Large: chest; 24" length; 32"  raglan sleeves; 10" (armpit to cuff)
Excellent Condition: new
Price: $45.00
Linen Cloth with applique, cut work & embroidery
Size:  34" square
Excellent Condition
Price: $55.00

Flemish Tapestry
Size: 47" X 25"
Excellent Condition
Price: $50.00

Linen Cloth with cut work &
embroidery, handmade lace edging
Size: 34" X 35"
Excellent Condition
Price: $45.00

Vintage Halloween Costume, Cowgirl skirt and vest
New Child's blue Sun Dress with matching  purse and scrunchie
Vintage Childs Halloween Costume, white tiger costume
Vintage Children Harley Davidson Jean Jacket, size 6
Child's Cowgirl Costume,
vest, skirt, boots, holster and gun
Size: child 4-6
Excellent Condition
Child's Princess Sundress,
lace trim around bodice, flowers around the bottom of the dress, satin ribbon, matching purse and hair scrunchie, adjustable straps
Size: child's 6 to 7
MFG: tag cut out
Excellent Condition: New, washed once
Price:  $10.00
Child's Plush White Tiger Costume,
one piece with mittens and feet covers, realistic eyes, very soft and warm
Size:  36" tall
Excellent Condition
Price: $20.00

Authentic Harley Davidson jean jacket,
100% blue denim cotton, buttons stamped Harley Davidson
Size: children size 6
Excellent Condition



Excellent Condition