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Reuzeit Emporium has a large selection of vintage and antique pipes, including many Briar pipes and antiques tobacco tins. Collecting antique pipes is a way of acquiring miniature works of art at a reasonable cost.  You can take your pipe and admire the unique miniature work of art and you can smoke it too!  "The North American Society of Pipe Collectors was founded after a long evening spent over a pot of good coffee and more than a bowl or two of good tobacco."  Check it out at  Reuzeit Emporium's tobacco shop carries a large selection of  Briarwood and hand carved  pipes, and vintage tobacco tins.
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Vintage walnut 4 pipe holder stand
Antique Vintage Bulldog pipe holder stand
Vintage Oak 6 pipe holder stand and humidor
Vintage Pipe Holder, 
solid walnut, holds 4 pipes (pipes NOT included)
4 1/2 inches wide and 5 inches tall 
Excellent Condition: used
Price: $20.00

Antique Bull Dog Figural Smoking Stand Pipe Holder, 
simulated bronze, glass eyes,pottery, hand painted
Size: 8 inches length,  7 1/4 inches tall,  6 1/4 inches wide
Excellent Condition
Price: $55.00
Vintage Pipe Holder and Humidor, 
solid oak, holds 6 pipes, Aztec finger jointed 
Size: 9 inch length,  5 1/4 inches tall, 4 1/2 inches wide
Condition: used, some staining on pipe indentations
Price: $20.00

Antique Brass Humidor
Vintage metal Tobacco box
Antique silver smoking set
Antique Brass Humidor
, La Palina Senators on cover
Size: 6 inches tall with 4 5/8 inch diameter
MFG: No Marks
Excellent Condition: used
Price: $25.00

Vintage Metal Tobacco Box, 
lined with wood
Size: 5 3/4 inches length, 3 inches wide, 2 1/4
inches tall
MFG: Unknown
Excellent Condition: few rust spots
Price: $15.00

Antique Silver Smoking Set, 
engraved leaf and scroll design, for Cigarettes and matches or tobacco
and matches
Circa:  1890
MFG:  Brooklyn Silver Company
Good Condition: used, shows wear on the interior
Price: $15.00

Antique Edgeworth Tobacco Tin
Antique Edgeworth Tobacco Tin
Antique Webster Tobacco Tin
Antique Tobacco Can, tin, Edgeworth 
Extra High Grade Slice Pipe Tobacco
Circa: 1903
MFG: Larus and Brothers Company
Excellent Condition: Used
Price: $11.00
Antique Tobacco Can, tin, Edgeworth 
Extra High Grade Slice Pipe Tobacco
Circa: 1903
MFG: Larus and Brothers Company
Condition: used, some rust and paint scratches
Price: $10.00  
Antique Tobacco Can, tin Webster;
  "Ask them why they're smoking Webster!"  on side: Claro
MFG:  Webster Cigar Company
Condition: used, rust,scratched
Price: $15.00

Antique Vaporia Tobacco Tin
Antique Union Leader and Velvet Tobacco Tins
Antique Meerschaum pipe box by Pioneer
Antique Tobacco Can, tin, Vaporia 
Mixture, Nothing Higher Made
MFG Falk Tobacco Company, Richmond, Va
Condition: used,  rust, paint loss, torn label
Price: $10.00

3 Tobacco Tins; 2 Velvet Pipe and Cigarette Tobacco tins  MFG:     
Liggett & Myers Tobacco Co
Good Condition: 
used some rust
1  Union Leader 
Smoking Tobacco, flat hinged top and Federal tax stamp, 
MFG: Lorillard Company
Condition: used, some paint scratches, eagle is perfect
Price: $15.00
Vintage Box, 
satin lined, tan color
A Meerschum Product by Pioneer picture of a covered wagon in logo,
Size:  6 1/2"inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide
Excellent Condition: used
Price: $8.00

Antique Briar wood dragon pipe
Antique Briar wood imported Medico pipe
Vintage Kaywoodie pipe
Antique Wood Pipe,
 Large hand carved briar
wood dragon
Size: 7 1/4 inches long
No marking
Excellent Condition: used
Price:  $20.00
Antique Wood Pipe, Medico Imported Briar, 
briarwood with white F on pipe stem
Size:  5 inches long
MFG:  S M Frank Company
Good Condition: used
Price: $10.00
Antique Wood Pipe,

No markings: white clover or club on stem
Size: about 6 inches long,
MFG: could be Kaywoodie
Excellent Condition: used
Price: $10.00

Vintage Briar wood Imported Medico pipe
Vintage Grain Briar wood pipe
Vintage white Kay Woodie pipe
Vintage Wood Pipe, Medico Imported Briar, 
wood with white F on pipe stem,

Vintage Wood Pipe, Grain Briar,
5 inches long
MFG:  Made in Italy
Excellent Condition: used, stem show wear
Price: $10.00

Vintage Wood Pipe, Kay Woodie, 
white clover
or club on the stem
Size: 6 1/4 inches long
Good Condition: used stem shows wear
Price:  $20.00

Vintage Italian Motorist pipe
Vintage Briar Storm King pipe
Vintage Briarwood hand carved pipe
Vintage Wood Pipe, Motorist 
patented, with screw off top, briarwood
Size: 5 1/2" long
MFG: Made in Italy
Excellent Condition: used, some wear on stem
Price: $15.00

Vintage Wood Pipe, Storm King, genuine Briar, 
with crown logo on stem
Size: 5 1/2 inches long
MFG: Made in Italy
Good Condition: used, wear on stem and metal top
Price: $15.00
Vintage Wood Pipe,
 hand carved briarwood with metal connector with bakelite stem
Size: 5 3/4 inches long
No Markings
Excellent Condition: used, some staining around bowl
Price: $20.00

Vintage Briarwood Imported Ebony Medico pipe
Vintage Briarwood Thermopiler pipe
Vintage Dr. Grabow Briarwood Imported pipe
Vintage Wood Pipe, Medico Ebony,
 metal connector with bakelite stem Imported Briarwood

Vintage Wood Pipe, Thermopiler,   
Imported Briarwood
Size: 5 inches long, small bowl 
Good Condition: used, teeth marks on stem
Price: $10.00

Vintage Wood Pipe, imported briarwood, very small, white spade on stem
Size: 7/8 inch diameter bowl, 4 inches length
MFG: Dr Grabow
Excellent Condition: used
Price: $10.00