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Antique and vintage Briar pipes, many hand carved briarwood pipes and smoking accessories, ash trays, lighters, pipe stands and pipe cases.
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All items are single quantity, unless otherwise noted.
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Vintage Tobacco Pipe,Italian Briar carved wood rhino with glass eyes and bakelite horn
Vintage Wood Walnut Pipe Holder, 4 pipes
Vintage Meerschum Pipe Box by Pioneer
Vintage Small Bakelite Pipe with leather case
Antique Vintage Silver Engraved Smoking Set, 1890's
Vintage Pipe, hand carved Italian briarwood rhino with glass eyes & bakelite horn, 6" long
MFG: Made in Italy
Excellent Used Condition


Vintage Pipe Holder,
solid walnut, holds 4 pipes (pipes NOT included)
4 1/2" wide X 5" tall 
Excellent Condition: used
Price: $30.00

Vintage Box,
satin lined, tan color
A Meerschum Product by Pioneer picture of a covered wagon in logo,
6 1/2" long X 2 1/2" wide
Excellent Condition: used
Price: $8.00
Vintage Pipe, 
small bakelite with worn leather case, 3" long
No markings
Good Condition: used
Price:  $25.00

Antique Silver Smoking Set,
engraved leaf & scroll design
Circa:  1890-
MFG:  Brooklyn Silver Co
Good Condition: used, shows
wear on the interior
Price: $20.00
Vintage Antique leather pipe case
Antique Vintage French Briar leather pipe case
Vintage advertizing Wood Pipe, Leech Lake Walker Minn
Vintage Old England Wood Pipe
Antique Eskimo Folk Art Walrus Ivory Carved Ashtray
Antique Pipe Case,
leather, green lining,
Size: 5 1/2" x 2"
Good Used Condition:  slight wear
Price:  $18.00

Antique Pipe Case,
leather, purple lining
Size: 5" X 2 1/8"
MFG: RBC, French Briar
Good Used Condition: slight wear
Price: $18.00

Vintage Pipe, wood,
"Leech Lake", Walker, Minn, 5" long
No markings
Used Condition: slight crack in wood, marks on stem
Price: $5.00 

Vintage Pipe. wood,
Old England, 758NR, 5" long
MFG: England
Good Used condition, wear on stem
Price: $15.00

Antique Eskimo Folk Art Walrus Ivory or bone carved ashtray with small seal
4 3/4" X 2"
Circa: 1880's
Condition: beautifully carved, slight damage to 1 seal flipper

Three Antique Vintage Glass Ashtrays, hobnail, moon and stars
Three Antique Vintage Cigerette Lighters, Life Magazine, Rosen-Nesor, Lored Chesterfield
Four Antique Vintage Cigerette Lighters, Westinghouse, Zippo, Storm King, Lord Chesterfield
Vintage Japanese Pipe, Bamboo and Metal Vintage Aztec Finger Jointed Six Pipe Holder Stand with  Humidor
Vintage Glass Ash Trays,
blue and green hobnail
Size: about 3" diameter, green moon and stars, length, 4 1/2"
Circa: 1960's
Excellent Condition 
Price: $15.00

Vintage Cigarette Lighters (3
), Life Magazine,( Rosen-Nesor) Lord Chesterfield, and no name
Circa: 1950's
Condition:  used
Price: $ $20.00

Vintage Cigarette Lighters, (4)
2 Westinghouse Zippo,
1 Storm King,
1 Lord Chesterfield
Circa: 1950's
Condition: used
Price: $20.00

Vintage Japanese pipe,
bamboo & metal, comes apart 
Condition: used
Price: $10.00

Vintage Pipe Holder and Humidor, 
solid oak, holds 6 pipes, Aztec finger jointed 
Size: 9" length X 5 1/4" tall X 4 1/2" wide
Condition: used, some staining on pipe indentations
Price: $25.00