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Paper Dolls 2

Paper dolls let us enter the world of movie stars and we became clothes designers and                                                                     stylists for them. 

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Original vintage Paper Dolls 1983 American Family of the colonial Era Paper Dolls
Original vintage Paper Dolls 1994 American Girl Paper Dolls
Original vintage Paper Dolls 1998 Josefina American Girl Paper Dolls
American Family of the Colonial Era Paper Dolls, Tom Tierney,  original, not reproduced
Circa: 1983
MFG: Dover Publications
Excellent Condition: complete, about 50% uncut
Price: $8.00
American Girls Paper Dolls,
 10 dolls with clothes and small book,  original, not reproduced
Circa: 1994 and 1995
Excellent Condition

Josefina's Paper Dolls, 
new uncut,  original, not reproduced
Circa: 1998
MFG: Pleasant Company
Excellent Condition: NEW OLD STOCK 
Price: $10.00

Vintage Original 1944 Design your own outfits Paper Doll
Antique Vintage Roy Rogers Dale Evans Papers Dolls
Original vintage Paper Dolls 1992 Goldilocks and the 3 Bears Peck Grandre Paper Dolls
Design Your Own outfits Paper Doll
, turn wheels to change outfits
Circa: 1944
MFG:  The Newgood CompanyTeacher Toy
Condition: small water stain, corners wear
Price: $25.00

Roy Rogers Dale Evans Paper Doll,
  original, not a reproduction
Size: 11 3/4 inches tall,10 1/4 inches wide 
Circa: 1950, Authorized Edition
MFG:  Whitman Publishing Company
Condition:  Roy 1 has 6 outfits, Roy 2 has 5 outfits,
Dale has 6 outfits, missing doll has 12 outfits, folder has side tears, Dale doll has tape
Price: $25.00
Goldilocks and the 3 Bears Paper Doll, 
 new uncut, 12 costumes, 6 full color and 6 to 
be colored,  original, not reproduced
Size: 9 inches by 12 inches, 12 inch doll
Circa: 1992
MFG:  Peck-Gandre
Excellent Condition: NEW  OLD STOCK
Price: $10.00

Original vintage Peter Rabbit Paper
Original vintage Victorian Children Paper Dolls
Original vintage Shirley Temple Paper Dolls
Peter Rabbit Paper Doll, 
 complete, only 4 pieces cut, like new,  original, not reproduced
MFG: Dover Publications
Excellent Condition
Price: $8.00

Victorian Children Paper Dolls
, uncut, 2 dolls and 15 pages of clothing, Evelyn Gathings,  original, not reproduced
Circa: 1996
MFG: General Publishing Company 
Excellent Condition
Price: $8.00 
Authentic Shirley Temple Paper Dolls and Dresses, 
uncut,  original, not reproduced
Circa: 1991
MFG: Dover Republication, Saalfield Publishing
Excellent Condition: NEW OLD STOCK
Price: $7.00

Original vintage 1967 Lucky Locket Kiddles Paper Dolls
Original vintage 1968 Buffy Paper Dolls
Original vintage 1967 Tiny Tots Paper Dolls with red flocked clothes
Lucky Locket Kiddles Paper Dolls,
 cut and uncut, partial set: 4 dolls, no lockets, lots of clothes for all dolls,  original, not reproduced
Circa: 1967
MFG:  Mattel
Excellent Condition
Price: $10.00 
Buffy Paper Doll,
 cut and uncut clothing, Mrs. Beasley Doll and clothing, original, not reproduced
Circa: 1968
MFG:  Whitman Publishing
Excellent Condition: tear on Buffy
Price: $12.00

Tiny Tots Paper Dolls with Red flocked Clothes, 
cut and uncut, 2 dolls, toys and clothes,
 original, not reproduced
Circa: 1967
MFG: Whitman Publishing 
Excellent Condition: tear inside folder
Price: $10.00

Original vintage 1992 Full House Paper Dolls
Original vintage 1991 Little Mermaid Paper Dolls
Original vintage 1958 Baby Doll Paper Dolls
Full House Paper Dolls, DJ 10 1/2 inches tall (4 outfits); Stephanie, 9 1/4 inches tall (6 outfits); Michelle, 7 inches tall (5 outfits) and accessories,  original, not reproduced
Circa: 1992
MFG: Lorimar Television
Excellent Condition: back of heads taped for extra support
Price: $15.00
Little Mermaid Paper Dolls, Ariel (6 outfits) 9 inches tall, Eric 10 1/2 inches tall (4 outfits) and
4 animals,  original, not reproduced
Circa: 1991
MFG: Walt Disney Company
Excellent Condition: back of heads taped for
extra support
Price: $8.00

Baby Doll Paper Doll, 
10 inch doll, 7 outfits, 10 accessories,  original, not reproduced
Circa: 1957
MFG: James and Jonathan Inc.
Excellent Condition: 2 tears inside folder
Price: $20.00

Original vintage 1953 Heres the Bride Paper Dolls
Original vintage 1950 Wedding Paper Dolls
Original vintage 1956  Pink Prom Twins Paper Dolls
Here's The Bride Paper Dolls,
original, not reproduced
Circa:  1953
MFG: Whitman Publishing
Condition: 2 missing dolls, inside pocket tears
Price: $10.00
Wedding Paper dolls, 
4 dolls plus clothing, no folder,  original, not reproduced
Circa: 1950
MFG:  Unknown
Excellent Condition
Price: $8.00
Pink Prom Twins Paper Dolls, 
 original, not reproduced
MFG:  Merrill Company
Condition: missing 1 doll, ink marks
Price: $10.00 

Original vintage uncut 1955 Pat Crowley Paper Dolls
Original vintage 1962 magnetic Magic Mary Paper Dolls
Original vintage 1953 uncut Jane Powell Paper Dolls
Pat Crowley Paper Dolls, 
uncut only the dolls are cut out,  original, not reproduced
Circa: 1955
MFG:  Whitman Publishing Company
Excellent Condition
Price: $20.00
Magic Mary Paper Doll, 
magnetic, 15 different outfits,  original, not reproduced
Circa: 1962
MFG: Milton Bradley
Excellent Condition: box has tears  tape
Price: $25.00
Jane Powell Paper Dolls,
 uncut, except for 1 dress
original, not reproduced
Circa:  1953
MFG:  Whitman Publishing Company
Condition: 1 doll is missing, tape on ankles of doll
Price: $12.00